Crikey Worm: A Vickie situation

Caught a kangaroo?

A constitutional crisis is brewing in South Australia. advertising reports Governor Frances Adamson The Deputy Prime Minister to be asked to be dismissed Vickie Chapman, after he lost a vote of confidence in the state legislature. The vote took place after Chapman was found to have “a real and perceived conflict of interest, violating the department’s code of conduct and misleading parliament three times” regarding his decision to veto a proposed port on Kangaroo Island.

A B C The move requires the Speaker of the House, the ex-Liberal Dan CreganTo express to the governor the will of the House of Representatives regarding the removal of Chapman as deputy prime minister and government minister. The confusion comes as Chapman refuses to step down and Premier Steven Marshall standing next to his assistant (and both deny any wrongdoing), Daily reports. Traditionally, the governor acts on the advice of the prime minister, and so this unprecedented set of circumstances gives us little idea of ​​what will happen next.

This political fiasco comes at a bad time for Marshall, who wants to secure a second term in the South Australian elections next March. reports. Chapman became the first minister in South Australian history to receive a vote of no confidence in the lower house.


Victoria has lifted nearly all restrictions as the state approaches 90% to double-dose vaccination on a day when anti-government protests have waned but turmoil inside the Houses of Parliament has reached a new high. A B C reports. While few restrictions remain, the debate around the pandemic bill focuses on the future of the government’s powers to declare a state of emergency and enforce health orders during the pandemic.

Aspect Australia According to ($) reports, focus now turns to Victoria’s upper house cross bench. Adem Somyürek’s photo. In a surprise return to parliament, his government failed to secure the votes needed to pass the bill through the upper house. Somyürek’s bomb forced Victoria Premier Dan Andrews to delay yesterday’s discussion, but Age He reported that negotiations continued late into the night in hopes that the bill could make its way back to the upper house today. Without the powers available under the state of emergency, which will expire indefinitely on 15 December, the Victorian government will have no way of enforcing measures such as mask-wearing and quarantine.


Concerns rise for Chinese tennis player Peng ShuaiUnseen since he accused a senior Chinese government official of sexual harassment two weeks ago. BBC reports. The scrutiny increased after the Women’s Tennis Association cast doubt on the authenticity of an email by Chinese state media that allegedly came from Peng, retracting the assault allegations. NS SMH He reported that the WTA is doubling down on its investigations and threatening to cancel tournaments in China if legitimate evidence of Peng’s safety is not produced soon.

Guard Reportedly, Peng’s apparent disappearance has caught the attention of tennis stars worldwide. Naomi Osaka and Novak Djokovic They make statements expressing their shock at the situation. Peng releases claim against former deputy prime minister Zhang Gaoli On November 2, the post on the Chinese social media site Weibo was removed within half an hour, and censorship blocked the related searches.


It seems there are awards for comedy wildlife photography, and the winners are enough to bring a smile to even the gloomiest of mornings. as you can see Traveler, 2021 winners include sassy birds, camera-shy bears and a simply life-loving frog. Well done, frog.

But the biggest prize goes to the amateur photographer. Ken Jensen, capturing the moment when a golden marmoset finds itself in a world of pain… It seems that the expression was originally a monkey’s display of aggression, but human audiences will still appreciate the humor.


Surely there will be an Irish girl here at the brewery.

Scott Morrison

At the pre-election campaign stop at Sydney’s Tooheys Brewery, the prime minister’s attempt to break the joke while highlighting immigrant apprenticeships remained somewhat flat.

Guess who finances Laming’s legal vendettas? Ditto. we

“The rules of administration, which were made by the prime minister of the time in 2016 and are still in effect, are laming may employ up to four staff members in the constituency officer positions. The only guidance on what these staff can and cannot do is that they are ’employed to assist a Senator or Member in the discharge of their duties as a Member of Parliament and not for party political purposes’.

“What about purely personal business? As their salaries are paid out of the public coffers, the only legitimate use of their services is implicitly for work directly related to the MP’s role as a deputy. This does not include taking specific legal action, such as threatening to sue for defamation for allegations that have nothing to do with Laming’s duties as an MP.”

TikTok users offered $300 to produce anti-ScoMo content for the Labor Party campaign

“Crikey He received an email and campaign brief from Vocal Media, a small US-based influencer marketing agency that works with other left-leaning political and nonprofit organizations. The email was sent to a TikTok user – this author – with the subject line ‘Paid TikTok Deal: Australian Labor Party’. The email is offering $300 to make and post a ‘container-themed’ TikTok video.Scott Morrison very slow and always late’.

“Brief nowhere discusses making a political authorization or disclosing that this content is sponsored. Not allowing political content is a violation of election laws and can result in a fine of up to $26,640 for one person According to the Australian Election Commission.”

Fishing for souls: Right tries to pick up discontent

“What is happening in Victoria, and to a lesser extent elsewhere, is a deliberate effort to collect and monetize the discontent and anti-government sentiments of different groups, the curfew/anti-vax/anti-Andrews/anti-wadya movements.

“Far-right and white supremacist groups, to train, groom and recruit from the ranks of the protesters. NS same phenomenon has been observed elsewhere. The confusion about the curfew and vaccines is an ideal opportunity for fascist groups to spread conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic propaganda and calls for violent action in the name of freedom.”


RBA warns of ‘enthusiastic’ crypto collapse (AFR)

Religious discrimination commissioner to cost $11 million (Australia) ($)

Ex-serviceman who wanted to testify against Ben Roberts-Smith (NS SMH)

Church apologizes for abuse of Stolen Generations children in Tiwi Islands (NT News) ($)

Covid cases in Germany set a new record after Merkel warning (BBC)

Qld reverts to PM’s ‘reckless’ coffee comment as lawmakers deviate from state line (Brisbane Times)

Work begins on West Sydney Airport passenger terminal (daily telegram) ($)

Clashes erupt in Sudan’s capital after bloodiest day since coup (Al Jazeera)

Rising interest rates ‘turn’ Australian house prices as affordability bite warns ANZ (A B C)


The choice could be between plane food and train foodphilip coorey (AFR): “[Scott Morrison’s] sliding the switch to the position cost of living in the context of economic recovery, where he wants the fight to be for the next six months. It’s also what is driving the minds of undecided voters in focus groups more and more, like governments’ desire to get out of their lives after the micromanagement of the pandemic. By setting gas prices as an issue before Labour, his key message to voters was ‘if you think they’re bad now, they’re going to get worse in Labour’. Shameless but potentially effective.”

It’s hard to be a good leader with voters like us.Amanda Vanstone (NS Australian) ($): “As voters, we say we want to think long-term, but we also want the sauce train to stop at our station first. When a party comes up with a longer-term plan, it is immediately criticized if it ‘will not be delivered until the next election’. Therefore, both parties are actively telling us not to rely on long-term commitments – unless they are the ones who make them. We want leaders to be strong, on duty, and responsible. But we also want them to be ‘first among equals’ and advisers. So, we want them to be responsible, but we listen. Listening to our elected representatives, experts and us. And cooperate with each other. In a pandemic. Political leaders have a difficult job.”


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  • Also known as AgDay, National Day of Agriculture 2021 will focus on attracting people to jobs in agriculture.

Nation of Eora (also known as Sydney)

  • Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe He will also speak at the Sydney Dialogue of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. online.

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