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Cumulative Ranking by Numbers


May 26, 2021; Egan, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer watches quarterback Kellen Mondt (11) practice at the OTA at the TCO Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel—USA TODAY SPORTS

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer enters his eighth adventure with the team in 2021.

This season will be crucial for the 64-year-old, who is eyeing Zimmer to make a comeback from a terrific 2020 campaign.

For gamblers, Zimmer is the fifth most likely captain to be canned in or after the 2021 season, making powerful bets for the Vikings this September.

Zimmer has earned a 64-47-1 (.576) record in seven seasons, but he is the longest active coach without a Super Bowl win. Hell, the Vikings haven’t even reached the Super Bowl to lose this thing.

with him hot meeting May and June have already been chatted up, these are Zimmer’s rankings in almost every football category statistically available by the Vikings. figures. belong to stathead.com and detail the cumulative rankings of Minnesota from 2014 to 2020.

Note: Rankings like “second” or “fourth” for defensive metrics or “xxx allowed” parameters indicate that the Vikings are good enough – “not second” majority ofor “fourth” majority of

  • 1 Defensive third down conversion in %
  • 1 Allowed in 300+ Yard Passing Games
  • 2 Allowed in TDS
  • 2 % in passing
  • 3 is allowed in passing td
  • 3 Permitted in the passing yard
  • 3 Rushing is allowed in TD
  • 3 In penalties (3rd lowest)
  • 4 in penalty yards
  • 4 Per play allowed in yard
  • 5th Passing in INT (Lower Fifth)
  • 5th In business on crime (lowest fifth)
  • 6 in allowed numbers
  • 6 in turnover differential
  • 7 in passerby rating
  • 7 Passer Rating Allowed
  • 7 Allowed to play in 25+ yards
  • 8th in victory
  • 8 in points difference
  • 8 allowed in 1 down
  • 9 in sex
  • 9 25+ in yard plays
  • 10th Defensive INTs. In
  • 10th Net Yards Attempts Per Pass
  • 10th in haste efforts
  • 10th Rushing TDS. In
  • 11th in rushing yards
  • 11th Overall Yards Difference
  • 12th In offensive yards per play
  • 12th in safety
  • 14th forced into turnover
  • 14th in rush per yard
  • 14th Third Down Conversion in %
  • 15th in points
  • 15th Crowd per yard is allowed in
  • 16th allowed in sacks
  • 16th Score in TDS
  • 16th % allowed to complete
  • 17th in full passes
  • 18th in first down
  • 18th Rushing is allowed in the yard
  • 18th Defensive Fourth Down Conversion in %
  • 19th in passing TDS
  • 19th at the time of possession
  • 21st in the passing yard
  • 24th In the fourth down conversion %
  • 26th In 300+ Yard Passing Games
  • 27th fg conversion in %
  • 29th in passing attempts
  • 31 in yards per punto
  • 32nd Extra Point Conversions in %

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