DaBaby often reflects on the bed as a child wet: My mom said “F * ck That” & left the plastic on the mattress

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DaBaby often reflects on the bed as a child wet: My mom said “F * ck That” & left the plastic on the mattress

DaBaby shares personal details about his childhood and a topic he had to overcome as he spent time with his daughter.

Rapper DaBaby, born Jonathan Kirk, recently posted a video to his Instagram account and revealed to his fans that he used the bed wet when he was younger. In the 44-second clip, the 29-year-old entertainer tries to comfort his young daughter, who is apparently upset that she is making her bed wet while sleeping. While he was reflecting on bedwetting problems he once had DaBaby see,

“My baby thinks she’s having so much trouble when she’s in bed, when she’s so disappointed in herself. And it’s just making me out. It gives me flashbacks cause little [does] she knows I peed in bed like a mother’s body. “

He continued,

Ask my brother, Imma marks my brother here. Ask my brother. You know, we have to share a bed. Your head like that, my head [the other] Manners. I used to pee [my brother] about 4 times a week. When I lie, I fly. “


After sharing his childhood story, DaBaby addresses his upset daughter, who can be heard crying from the screen. Hie seet,

“It’s ok baby! It’s good mom.”

The “BOP” rapper has signed his history post,

“Do not trip Boo, you have that of MORE [face palm emoji] Dad was WAYYYY worse! [laughing face emoji] Twice my baby ages too! @big_riog call you niece and tell her how I used to go downstairs! She does not believe me. “

He added,

“I remember my mother saying F * CK THAT and leaving the plastic on the mattress [face palm emoji] [laughing face emoji]. My brothers used to be on my A ** boy that shit! [laughing face emoji]”

As previously reported, DaBaby made headlines earlier this week after engaging in many online arguments with the mother of his 3-month-old child, DaniLeigh, 26. It’s unclear what the now viral back and forth initiated between the former lovebirds, but they both went live several times over the incident to share their side of the story.

DaniLeigh claims everything started when DaBaby came home late Sunday night (November 14th) and tried to kiss her and her baby out of his house so he could cheat on her. Sometime in the evening, she jumped on IG Live to show that police had been called to remove her from Charlotte’s home.

However, DaBaby is claiming that the couple were never an official couple in DaniLeigh ass,

“Look for cocoa buffer.”

DaniLeigh eventually left DaBaby’s at home and shared with the public that they and their child are okay. After the crazy incident, DaniLeigh was reported for assault.


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