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🌞 Good morning, and welcome to Tuesday’s Daily Authority. I finally got around to watching Only Murders in the Building, and I’ve binged my way through season one already! Starting season two tonight, and I can’t wait…

A quarter of a century of Netflix and chill

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It’s hard to believe that Netflix turned 25 on Monday. The company was founded on August 29, 1997, though Netflix.com didn’t launch until April 14, 1998.

  • Netflix was founded in Scotts Valley in Santa Cruz, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.
  • The company started off as a subscription-based rental service mailing physical DVDs, with no late fees or due dates.
  • The first DVD Netflix shipped was Beetlejuice, on March 10, 1998.
  • Originally, Netflix DVDs came in white envelopes, switching to yellow in 2000. By 2001, the company was using the iconic red envelopes.
  • By 1999, Netflix had 239,000 subscribers and 3,100 titles in its library.

Oops, Blockbuster

In 2000, former Blockbuster CEO John Antioco turned down the offer to buy Netflix for $50 million, laughing at Reed Hastings and the Netflix team. Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

  • Netflix didn’t begin streaming content until 2008, trialing the service in Canada.
  • By 2010 it had switched its focus to streaming, though it still offered DVDs by mail.
  • Lilyhammer was the first ever Netflix Original, airing in 2012, followed by House of Cards in 2013.
  • To date, Netflix has aired over 1,900 Originals.
  • Netflix is now available in over 37 languages and 190 countries worldwide.

Finally, the “tudum” sound we’re all so familiar with wasn’t always around — the iconic sound was nearly a bleating goat. I think we’re all pretty glad that didn’t happen.


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Tuesday Thing

missions to mars

Feeling disappointed at the called-off Artemis launch? While we wait to see if Friday is a go, check out this infographic from Visual Capitalist, showing a timeline of every mission to Mars since 1960. Click through to see the full version with all the info.

  • Mars is one of the most similar planets to Earth, with its solid outer crust, rocky landscape, and molten rock core.
  • According to NASA’s historical logs, there have been 48 missions to Mars so far over the last 60 years.
  • The Soviet Korabl 4’s mission in 1960 was unfortunately a failure. The spacecraft launched and made it 120km into the air but was unable to generate enough momentum to stay in Earth’s orbit.
  • The first success came in 1964 when NASA’s Mariner 4 made the first successful trip to Mars.
  • Though the spacecraft didn’t land on Mars, it flew by the planet and captured photos giving us a glimpse of the rocky surface.
  • The first Mars landing came later, in 1976, when NASA’s Viking 1 landed on the surface of Mars, enabling scientists to study the planet’s weather and snapping panoramic shots of the planet’s terrain.
  • All Mars landings to date have taken place without a crew, but in the future, we could see humans on Mars — NASA plans to send humans to the planet by the late 2030s.

Have an out-of-this-world week!

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