Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Buy WHAT in a grocery store?

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We have a feeling inside of Dakota Johnson in the Chris MartinThe fridge looks like “Something Just Like This”.

The couple who E! News confirmed earlier this year moved together, were spotted on Sunday, Nov. 14 at the exclusive Erewhon Market in Los Angeles grabbing groceries. For the casual outing, Dakota wore a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band t-shirt, beige pants and black loafers. Meanwhile, Chris is wearing a blue top, dark jogger and sneakers with neon pink laces.

Even though the two opted for casual looks for their achievement, it seems that the couple felt fantastic at heart.

In addition to a bag of groceries and coffee in hand, Dakota and Chris were seen leaving the store with a half-gallon jug of Ophora water, according to a witness. A four-pack of the drink, which the brand’s website describes as “the healthiest water on earth” because it is “nano-pure, hyper-oxygenated, alkaline, and ready to taste or splash”, is the Currently online for a very large sale. $ 80.