Dallas Cowboys ‘Kelvin Joseph, Las Vegas Raiders’ Roderic Teamer expelled from Thanksgiving after the sideline

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ARLINGTON, Texas – Dallas Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph and Las Vegas Raiders safety Roderic Teamer were thrown out of Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day game after an altercation after a 12:52 point back in the third quarter.

Teams threw Joseph to the ground far beyond the sideline and near the club area at field level, starting a mini-melee that left field referee Tom Hill with a cut on his chin that required a bandage.

Several players pushed back and forth while a scrum formed behind the Las Vegas bench, but no blows appeared to be thrown and no other players were marked.

The penalties were equalized, but Joseph and Teamer were sent to their locker rooms.

The game has not been too chippy, but the referees were active and called for 11 penalties in the first half. Las Vegas was penalized five times for 49 yards, and the Cowboy was marked six times for 65 yards.

When Shawn Hochuli’s team entered the match, Shawn Hochuli’s team had thrown 153 flags, including rejected or equalized penalties, which was the fifth most this season, for 1,207 penalty yards, which was the third most.


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