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Dallas ready for postseason upset


Luca’s spell in the playoffs could make the Mavericks a dangerous opponent. Photo from Bleacher Report.

Dallas Mavericks The heavy favorites ended last year’s playoff run on a positive note after troubling the Clippers. They could have upset the Clippers too but got hurt (what a surprise) Kristaps Porzingis Destroyed all hope of moving forward for Dallas. But the most important thing for the Mavs is that they saw that Luka Doncic There are serious players after the season. Doncic is the focal point of the Mavericks’ playoff chances.

Many talented players dominate the entire regular season and only disappear after the season. Luca has shown that he is the absolute leader of this team and can easily maintain the best defenses in the world.

Mavs playoff chances

Because of all this, Vegas predicted that the Mavs would finish fourth in the West and set the win/loss total with 42.5 wins. It was one of the most accurate predictions ever made by Vegas as the Mavs ended the season with exactly 42 wins. Vegas didn’t account for the Jazz and Sun’s stellar season, so they were one place off as Dallas finished 5th.

off season move

The Mavs decided against big trades in the off-season. the biggest name they brought up was Josh Richardson.

Richardson had to bring in about 15 points per game on good perimeter defense and offense. Sadly for Dallas, Richardson failed to take offense to himself with his output and split into the worst of all time.

their defense was strong so at least some were value in business. The biggest loss for the Mavs was losing Seth Curry Which he tried to replace with JJ Redick but he was unsuccessful.

how was it

The start of the season was more than disappointing. At one point he was 9-14 years old and it looked like the season was about to end in a disaster. Porzingis returned from the injury and it took some time for things to recover. Leading up to the All-Star Game, they went on to welcome the All-Star weekend with a record of 18–16, 9–2.

They played even better after the break.

Luka Doncic is the alpha and omega of this team. A man with whom everything begins and ends. Statistically, his one year is similar to last year, but his three-point shooting is much better. After shooting 31.6% last year, he has shot up to 35.5% this year. It’s still not a huge percentage, but consider the fact that he shoots over 8 per game and most of them are heavily contested. Some praised him as the MVP, but other players had more impressive seasons. but All-NBA First Team…Why not.

The second biggest threat to the opposing teams is Kristaps Porzingis. If he plays, that’s a big deal.

He played only 41 games in this short season and it is doubtful what kind of shape he is in. And the Mavericks playoff chances will depend largely on its size. Biggest danger after those two Tim Hardaway As a junior, he has learned to be successful in his role. He will score 15 or 20 marks with good efficiency. His form in these past weeks has been particularly encouraging.

key players

This is Luka Doncic, but everyone knows about Luka.

So let’s talk about a name that not many people mention.

Jalen Brunson He showed considerable improvement in his third season and this season his average is career best in all categories.

He is shooting 52% from the field, which is huge with 39.6% in three. That X factor could be what decides many games. His ability to drive the offense is vitally important as Doncic needs a respite. If he makes it to the playoffs, Doncic’s time on the bench could be easy for Mavs fans to stomach.

Mavericks Playoff Rotation

With Porzingis returning to the starting lineup, Josh Richardson dropped out of it. It was a bit unexpected but totally deserved. So the starting 5 in post season should be Doncic, Hardaway Jr., Dorian Finney-Smith, Porzingis and dwight powell.

coach Rick Carlisle There’s more flexibility with this lineup making it easier for him to switch to a shorter ball rotation. This gives them two great defenders on the court in the form of Richardson and Finney-Smith. And if they want to stay they’ll need both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

The most important bench player is Brunson, who could bring a whole new dimension to the team with his speed and shot hitting ability. a few minutes will go maxi kleber, Trey Burke, Niccol Meli and Willie Collie-Stein Based on matchups.

Mavericks playoff chances: Final thoughts and hopes

Dallas played a season as expected. They had early issues but they resolved them in time to make it to the playoffs.

He also overcame some injuries and eventually had a good regular season. They will need some sort of playoff run to make this season a proper success.

Those were the hopes of the season and still are. They would definitely like to go beyond last year.

The Clippers are a very tough matchup for them and their chances in that series are not very good. Still, if Finney-Smith and Richardson can find a way to limit George and Leonard, they may have a small chance. Especially if Porzingis can play all games and play them well. And I wouldn’t bet against Luka Doncic, would I?

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