“Danger!” Star Matt Amodio breaks his silence after losing his 39th game

When Matt Amodio gone from Danger! Stage for the very last time at the end of Monday night’s episode, it was a bittersweet moment for neither him nor me Danger! Fans will soon forget.

After winning 38 consecutive games and earning over $ 1.5 million, the 30-year-old Ohio native lost his 39th game and officially stopped his record-breaking streak -the second longest in show history. Danger! Guest Mayim Bialik Candidate called Jonathan Fischer the new champion Danger! Fans immediately took to Twitter to share their mix of emotions.

But it was only a few hours later that Matt first spoke publicly about his loss. In his signature manner, the Informatics Ph.D. Student of New Haven, Connecticut took the turn of events with grace, and summoned his successors and runners.

“Congratulations to the two ingenious challengers of today for making an exciting game of #Jeopardy today!” he wrote. “Let’s celebrate a game well played by Jonathan and Jessica [Stephens]! ”

The next day, after reading a flood of sympathetic comments from fans, Matt reminded them that he was not going anywhere. “People say to me, ‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ it has a different meaning than it does today,” he said. he tweeted. “Perspective is important 😉 I may not be on the #Jeopardy stage every day, but I’m always here!”

Respond to the news, Danger! Legend Ken Jennings tweeted, “What a Run! 🙏.” Shortly afterwards, Matt answered, “Reference to #Jeopardy, ‘You are half the man Ken Jennings is’ is a big compliment. If you refer to life in general, it’s even bigger. Thank you, Ken ♥ ️.”

Colleague Danger! Hall of Famer Brad Rutter added, “Congratulations on a fantastic run, @AmodioMatt! Most impressive, and I look forward to seeing what you do on @Jeopardy in the future. Much respect!” Matt took this opportunity to express his appreciation for Brad, who the Danger! Record fir all-time gain. In short, the Matt answered, “I spent so many days rooting for you on TV, to have your respect means more to me than I can put into words!”

Danger! Wonderful Nicknamed Cohen also sent Matt an encouraging message, “Congratulations to @AmodioMatt on your amazing run. It’s no surprise how a follower you built to be such a kind and gracious champion. Danger Lose with the rest of us! He then written back, “Does that feel like that? Huh. Not so bad.”

No beds Final Danger! Episode, Matt opened up and an exclusive interview with the show about what’s going through this head. He admitted he was “sad” but he “also thinks back to all the good times.” Matt revealed that he “repeated every question” and even though it felt “like every other day”, it just didn’t work out. With all that said and done, he is happy that he “took nothing for granted” and he looks forward to a good night.

“I always wanted to be one Danger! Champion and I achieved this with a victory. I still have a few wins and with that I think I will always have that as a part of my life, “he told the Quiz Show.” I know how to go into every Bar Trivia game that I play that I play with small intimidation factor. But also, I just love the badge that it represents as someone who prioritizes knowledge and knows things. [It’s] really good for chasing me everywhere.

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