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Danny Ange steps down as Celtics GM; Brad Stevens will take the slot and appoint a new coach


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Potential is a slang word, as it is a nice way of saying that someone hasn’t done something yet. It is a label we attach to people and things that we believe will be able to achieve a certain level of success. As long as you don’t do something with it, you have great potential.

Hi Brad Stevens.

According to many reports, Stevens is out in Boston as their head coach and will move to the front office, As longtime general manager — and Celtics legend — Danny Enge is retiring. The often disgraced Ange is slipping out the back door while Stevens is moving into a nice cushioned office position.

“I am grateful to Owner and Danny for trusting me with this opportunity,” Stevens said in a team statement. “I’m excited to tackle this new role, which has begun with a wide And an extensive search for our next head coach.”

Blondes always fail.

He was the latest wonderkind when Ange hired Stevens to replace Doctor River in 2013 in the world of coaching. After taking Butler to back-to-back national championship games—he lost both—Stevens was immediately considered the next “great white hope”. For a while, the tag worked. Rumors have swirled for years that he should be the one to coach at Duke, and earlier this year we found out that Indiana was willing to offer him a seven-year, $70 million contract to handle his program. And while Stevens’ job in Boston wasn’t in any real danger, things never went his way when he needed them to. After being knocked out of the playoffs in their first season, the Celtics reached the postseason every year thereafter, including three trips to the Eastern Conference Finals. But, when you have a “potential”, one of those ECF appearances should turn into a trip to the finals, and that never happened.

Similarly, Ange was “potentially” supposed to land a big-time free agent to help Stevens, but never did. Never forget that Paul Pierce was ready to leave Boston before Ange was able to get Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. But, other than that, all of Boston’s fortunes under Ing were due to the draft, not his ability to sign free agents. Over the years, names such as Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis and Paul George were rumored to be top targets for the Celtics. Enge bombed as he stockpiled draft picks that turned into pointless leverage

The Celtics’ current stars – Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum – were both voted third overall in consecutive years as the All-Star forward fortunately fell on Ainz’s lap. But, that’s where luck ended, as Kemba Walker has been hurt for most of his time with the Celtics, and Gordon Hayward’s situation with a grievous injury was another disaster.

And then there was Kyrie Irving. A man who, unfairly, has received so much blame for what happened in Boston.

Last week, Ainge — a white dude from Oregon who played at BYU — felt that his “expertise” was needed on the subject of racism After Irving’s comment about how racist Boston is. Celtics fans proved Irving right as a water bottle was thrown at him from the stands in Game 4 of the Nets’ first-round series with the Celtics, as he dropped 39 points on his former team and stumped on the Celtics logo at half Court appeared.

With a head coaching vacancy to fill in one of the most historic franchises in the sport, in a city that has a long history of hating black people, in a league that is nearly 80 percent Black, the Celtics need to ensure They need to choose the right man or woman – and they must be black. It would be a wise decision and the statistics prove it.

The Celtics have had four Black coaches in franchise history, Bill Russell, Casey Jones, ML Carr and Rivers. Apart from Carr, all of them have won championships. like this their winning percentage For regular season and postseason (RP/PS) stack ups:

  • Bill Russell – 66.1 percent / 60.9 percent
  • Casey Jones – 75.1 percent / 63.7 percent
  • ML Care – 29.3 percent / N / A
  • Dock Rivers – 58.6 percent / 57 percent

let’s now Compare with Stevens:

  • Brad Stevens – 55.7 percent / 48.7 percent

Numbers never lie.

Outside of the optics and public relations respite from hiring a Black coach in Boston at this particular moment, Black coaches have proven they can work in that city. and according to Yahoo Sports’ Chris HaynesLakers assistant coach Jason Kidd and former Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce are expected to be candidates for the position. Diversity has always been good for business…and win-win. And if the Celtics want to win, a black man should be hired. In addition, proven products are always better than “probable” ones.


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