Danske Bank helps its customers solve their IT problems

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Danske Bank has resolved the “IT issues” plaguing its customers trying to access ATMs and internet banking.

The problems first came to light on Wednesday afternoon when the bank said it was experiencing IT issues affecting some digital services such as the app, e-Banking and cash machines.

The bank apologized to customers in a Twitter post and said it was starting an investigation.

He then confirmed that digital channels are back online and customers are actively using them again.

However, the issue caused some frustration for the bank’s customers, and some began searching for updates on Twitter.

One or two customers continued to voice their concerns, even after the bank said the issue was resolved.

“Still not working,” one woman said.

When asked if he had any difficulties at check-in, he replied, “No, I can log in ok but the transfers still haven’t arrived…it’s been about 8 hours since the transfer…Thanks for your reply!!! !!!!”

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