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Datron Technology Demo Day


It’s fair to say I’ve gone head to head for recovery for macho over the past few years. While I have always had an interest in the field from a very young age, everything changed once I picked up my first CNC router back in 2018.

Jumping from outsourcing parts to being able to design and cut them entirely myself was one of the best experiences I can remember. It’s one of those feelings really challenging to describe, but describe it as similar to being a homeowner or paying off your last student loan. It opened up the ability to prototype and experiment, those who have undergone 3D printing are no doubt familiar with the sudden expansion of the capability. Usually though, with the new found freedom comes the desire to push a little further.

When buying your first CNC, it tends to be a case of extensive compromises. The immediate limiting factor is definitely a huge cost, did you mention the prospect of a CNC just 10 years ago, I thought most would describe pure industrial animals operating on mechanized production lines. However, with each passing year, more and more affordable units are coming, the CNC machine is now strictly understanding a whole tranche of users who previously had to outsource, here I am appeared. In my case I chose to go with a pre-assembled machine, a CNC Step S1000T, so that I could avoid the potential pitfalls of self-assemble. In the last 3 years this machine has served me well, not only has it allowed me to create a number of projects that I am extremely proud of, but it has introduced me to the world of CAM and machining at large.

So now, here I am, looking again at the same side of the cliff. Only this time is a decisive more industrial offering on hand. If you want to see how these parts are made below, you better watch the video!


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