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DC Young Fly explains the controversy at his comedy show in the Bay Area


DC Young Fly had a comedy show in the Bay Area at Tommy T’s Comedy Club over the weekend, and they certainly gave the audience a memorable show. Audience members began sharing on social media that DC got into an altercation before continuing with their show.

On Tuesday, DC took to Instagram to explain what happened during the show.

He explained that he was not making fun of the audience member who was involved in the brawl, nor was he making fun of the person who was sitting at the man’s desk. He claims that the man made his way from his seat to the stage, and thinking he was a super fan, he was preparing to hug her, but instead, the man spoke aggressively towards her and Then pushed him and hit his hand.

DC continued to explain that things escalated a bit and once the man woke up, he was dropped and DC went on to finish his show.

When footage of the aftermath of the situation started circulating on social media, DC took to Instagram to talk about the matter and said“I’m from the Westside of Atlanta I’m actually from the streets I’ve been stabbed I’m stunned but god changed my life but I’m always on point.”

Building on his stand-up comedy career, DC is making his acting resume as well.

Back in March, he shared that he auditioned for the role of Eddie Murphy’s son in “Coming 2 America” ​​and said, β€œ#MovieGameRules You have to work for this!! Maafu** as we won’t be handcuffed**t.. and I don’t want anything unless it’s real and Mafu** as I believe.. I wanna step OG blood, sweat , and work hard to be #Great!! It has gone that roles imma that no mite could play better!! It comes with the game!!”

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