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Dealing with COVID-19 in NSW more effective than in Victoria


Victoria is handling the latest coronavirus outbreak like it’s the end of the world…

We never thought we would talk about coronavirus again, but here we are. We can’t understand why people in Victoria are suddenly complaining they need to go on lockdown again pedestrian tv. While we understand why the Victorian government is doing this, it is unnecessary. See how New South Wales is handling it. We did not have a border to close the state.

If we have half a dozen cases then our government does not order lockdown. Thanks to the QR code, they get to the top of it. Shutdown is ordered only when the situation is out of control. We are a resilient state that refuses to let some cases of COVID improve our way of life.

2020 was like living in a never-ending hell for the entire world, with millions of people infected by the deadly worldwide bug. As many people have died from it and still are. Look at the dire situation in India right now, as seen here abc.

People wouldn’t have complained if Victoria and other states had followed the way New South Wales handled the outbreak. Look what happened in Western Australia last year. They closed their borders to everyone last year for the vast majority of it.

We’re just hoping there’s no one else #ToiletPaperGate Status Include. This would not only suck, but it would show how selfish people are. Sure, there are people who do the right thing and share their supplies with elderly neighbors, friends and relatives and who can’t afford it. But what happened to the compassion people showed during the bushfires in late 2019-early 2020? Was that just a sham?

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