Debra Messing calls corrupt media coverage of terror attack

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The Babylon bee is always one step ahead of the cultural zeitgeist.

While the onion avoids mentioning President Joe Biden by name, The bee does this regularly, while the elites mock at almost-warp-speed.

Case in point:

For the uninitiated, D’Bee spotted as the press continued to play down the terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisc. earlier this week that six people were killed and dozens injured. The attack has all the hallmarks of a hate crime, by the way the accused murderer, Darrell Brooks, drove through the masses. Brooks’ anti-white social media posts.

Go to the media who do not like the narrative in question and actively try to change it.

How? By describing the terrorist attack as a “crash” or an “incident”.

Bee had a company on this front, an unexpected company, to be exact.

Far-left actress / activist Debra Messing has used her massive Twitter followers to rave about the same media bias The bee has smeared with that faux-news story.

Messing rarely, if ever, evokes media bias in this way. And it is possible that she deserved a lot of retweets from right-wing Twitter users who enthused her opinion on the matter.

It is a sign that the media bias, which seems to be growing worse every week, is so toxic that even those who applaud the press’ hard-left agenda are crying foul.

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The rest of Messing’s Twitter account is full of progressive messaging, plus some promotional posts. Nevertheless, her message about the corrupt media frame of the attack will be seen by thousands, on thousands of liberal supporters.

Probably it’s one of the first times its fans absorb a cold lesson about today’s reporters. They are no longer dedicated to the truth.

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