Defenders’ groundbreaking epic brought Marvel Cthulu back

The defenders were sent on an unexpected journey through time and space, and now they have landed on the door of the Eldritch wizard.

NOTE: The following contains large spoilers for Defender # 2, now available from Marvel Comics.

To address two classic Marvel threats, Doctor Strange has put together a brand new lineup of defenders as the team is pushed right through time into the Sixth Cosmos, which exists before the current incarnation of the Marvel Multiverse. There, the defenders face off against some really sinister enemies before running even further into the past in the magical Fifth Cosmos, where the heroes are ready to fight Marvel’s Cthulu-like monster, Mor-i-dun .

When you Masked Raider called Dr. Strange to stop hunting for help and the mad scientist Carlo Zota, neither of whom could have expected to be forced on a journey by the various iterations of reality itself. Nom Teaming mam Taaia, den Mother of Galactus, to fight the threat of Omnimax, the Sixth Comsos’ Devourer of Worlds, the heroes succeed in to save the planet Taa of a devastating fate and defender # 2, by Al Ewing, Javier Rodriguez, Jay Bowen, VC’s Cory Petit, and VC’s Joe Caramagna.

Fulfilled with his duty, the Silver Surfer finds himself freed from Doctor Strange’s spell and returns to his present. However, the rest of the team is later injured further back in time to continue pursuing their goal. With no control over where or when they are on their way, the defenders eventually fall through cloudy skies over an expansive, alien landscape. Even though they do not yet know where or when they are, the greatest evil of the Fifth Cosmos has seen their arrival, and Moridun is already preparing to present them at the end of the days.

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Moridun, the Eldritch Wizard ominously awaiting defenders, was first introduced to the Marvel universe in 2015 No Avengers # 24 by Al Ewing and Gerardo Sandoval. Much like the Sixth Cosmos an iteration of reality was devoted almost exclusively to scientific activities, the Fifth Cosmos, which preceded it, was one of dark mystical powers and undamaged magic. Little is known of Moridun’s time as the Wizarding Supreme of his era, though his powers are already known by some of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. The Maker, an evil Reed Richards who hails from the Ultimate Marvel Universe, once summoned Moridun during his investigations into previous iterations of existence.

The New Avengers, after capturing the maker’s schemes, arrived just in time to disrupt the ritual used to bring Moridun into the moment. Unfortunately, by then he had already passed into the present universe, and long ago the angry wizard developed his own plot to possess the Wiccan. I use The power of the Wiccan like the demiurge, Moridun plans to eventually take over all reality. Fortunately, he was defeated by the combined efforts of the New Avengers and the Avengers of a potential future, and Wiccan was liberated by Moridun’s influence. Now, the Sorcerer Supreme of the Fifth Cosmos will get another chance to attack the gift, and it does not look like the heroes have a clue what they are for.

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Moridun may not be the most famous mystical evil in the Marvel universe, but that does not mean he should be taken lightly. Considering Wiccan’s place in reality as one of the most powerful mystical entities in existence, Moridun’s close conquest of his mind speaks volumes with the Eldritch Wizard’s own power. Dr. Strange may have an idea who Moridun is, although the chances of him knowing how to deal with him are extremely low.

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