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Delhi Police announce bonus of Rs. 1 lakh


Gladiator murder: Delhi Police announce ‘reward of Rs. 1 lakh for any information regarding Sushil Kumar

Gladiator Murder Sushil Kumar: After the notice of surveillance and unavailable orders, Delhi Police has now announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for any information leading to the arrest of dual Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar in a case related to the murder of Sagar Rana in Chatrasal Stadium during a brawl. Other than Sushil, Delhi Police also announced a reward of 50,000 rupees for Ajay’s sushi partner, who is also on the run.

A non-bailable warrant has been issued against Kumar and others.

Gladiator murder: Delhi Police announce ‘reward of Rs. 1 lakh for any information regarding Sushil Kumar

Earlier on Saturday, a Delhi court issued orders not to pay bail against the two-time Olympic medalist and six others in the case. This came days after a stalking notice was issued against Kumar in the same case. A senior police officer said, “We submitted a request to the court to issue a non-bail order (NBW) against wrestler Sushil Kumar and six others in the case, and according to the request, the request was approved and accordingly unlawful rulings were issued against them. ” A lookout notice was issued late Sunday evening .

The police have already recorded statements of victims allegedly involved in the melee. Police said the clash occurred due to the evacuation of an apartment in Model Town.

A senior officer said earlier that Kumar, who was named in the FIR, is a fugitive, and efforts are underway to track him down, adding that raids are taking place in the Delhi-NCR and neighboring countries to arrest him.

Victims claimed that Kumar was present at the scene when the clash occurred. The wrestler who died was 23 years old. He and two of his friends were brutally assaulted by other wrestlers inside Chatrasal Stadium in the northern part of the city on Tuesday night.

Police said the fight involved Kumar and Ajay, Prince Dalal, Sonu, Sagar, Amit and others. A case was registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and Weapons Act at the Model City Police Station. Police said Dalal, 24, a resident of Jajar, Haryana state, had been detained in the case.

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