May 6, 2021


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Delightful afternoon tea with Edinburgh Cudron

Forget every taste of bean curd. Have you brewed your own powdered tea?

My partner, Rachel Morere, and I went to Edinburgh The Cowdron, where my magician Rachel Morell and I went to Edinburgh The Quadron to start the afternoon tea experience. It was an explosion from beginning to end, as we were seen with full-fledged wands, an abundance of magical wonders, and useless witches.

Based on Frederick Street in the capital, Kaudron is adorned with floating lamps and pictures of Janti, and every inch of the walls are covered with decorative drugs. The lobby only looks like a fridge – and it doesn’t take long for the theater to start.

Kaudron is an amazing place with amazing things in every turn.

Received by Dave Duckworth – Witch Master, Molecular Mixer, Black Cat Owner and Co-Founder of Cowdron – We approached our own pools and headed to our kitchen table. And don’t worry if you are new to casting spells. As soon as we caught our mouths, we were eagerly invited to test our skills on the cake stand (where the magic power of the dragon holds an egg), and it worked flawlessly. What about the future Hermione Graves? Probably not. We certainly need more practice to meet such high standards, but we had a wonderful opportunity by inviting our magicians (our most important, patient hosts and hosts) to the table.

The sweet and savory offerings on the table, side by side, were a delight. To meet all our needs, the Cudron staff offered us a gluten-free alternative to the usual afternoon tea – although we didn’t know the difference. Turkey delights, Millionaire Shortbread, Browns with Raspberry Syrup, beautifully sliced ​​scissors and sandwiches, as well as a total of sugar-filled distilleries

Caullon’s afternoon tea experience is completely immersive and magical.

Although the stars of the show were drinks. Without further ado, we practiced more Wang skills before we could brew and brew our own tea. Bottles of rosewood, peppermint, and jasmine in bottles and treadmills make the decay worse. Later, we were both led by Professor Dave of Pitts for a round of tea, creating colorful, glowing glasses that echoed the child in us.

Time for Pashions class.

Dave, a former astronomer, and his wife, Matt Cortland, a technology expert, product designer, and former reading teacher, were eager to promote their new afternoon tea experience – and I did not give up. From the impressive tea boxes to the cursed goblet tea, the scientific and technological backgrounds of the two pairs have created a truly immersive experience.

Dave and Matt, co-founders of Kawdalon.

If the letter he sent to Hogwarts, like me, was lost in the post, this is a perfect opportunity to practice for the Magic School enrollment exams in the future. Pure unadulterated happiness, this would be the perfect gift for the family of Harry Potter Millennium. Jump on your toes and grab the hats on your lap and enjoy the ride.

Caudron Witch Afternoon Tea costs £ 34.99 for Arkan adult tea and 99 19.99 for afternoon tea for the young adult. It can be caught Online.

Cowdron Co. has also launched a public-backed investment campaign – Equity for Magic – to raise funds to expand his business practices. To learn more, to become a shareholder and to breathe a little more magic into the world, Visit their website.