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Demetrius Stanley, Killed by Undercover SJPD Officer, Out on Bail, Under Surveillance Before Fatal Collision – CBS San Francisco


San Jose (CBS SF) — A Man Who Was shot dead plain clothes San Jose Police Officer Police said on Wednesday that the survey was being conducted after the officer pointed a gun at the officer at the time after he was released on bail from an armed robbery arrest.

San Jose Police held a press conference Wednesday morning to provide additional details as to Monday night’s fatal shooting of Demetrius Stanley on the 1100 block of Tofts Drive in the Berissa neighborhood of north San Jose. Surveillance video of the moments leading up to the shooting was also released.

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Raw video: San Jose police press conference – Update on officer-involved shooting

Police Chief Anthony Mata said plainclothes officers were monitoring Stanley at his home after he was released on bail following an assault in an armed robbery and deadly weapons case in March. Mata said Stanley harassed a teenage driver after a road rage incident by using a handgun with a laser pointer, and stole a replica handgun from the teen driver’s car.

After further investigation into that incident, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office issued a new arrest warrant against Stanley that involved possession of a gun by a banned person based on a prior domestic violence incident, Mata said.

Enlarged image from surveillance video showing the moments before the deadly officer-involved shooting in San Jose on May 31, 2021.

On the night of the shooting, two police officers in plain clothes were secretly monitoring Stanley outside his home. At one point, one of the officers was in an unmarked car and the other was on foot when Stanley left the house with a gun in hand and began to walk toward the officers, according to the mother.

“The officer heard the sound of a handcuff raking and loading. The officer then ran away from Stanley as fast as he could to avoid a collision,” Mata said.

Surveillance video shows Stanley then stopped and tied the handgun to the waistband of his shorts and began walking back toward his home, passing the unmarked police vehicle with another plainclothes officer. He then stopped and went back to the unmarked vehicle.

“Stanley took out his gun with one hand and opened the officer’s driver’s door with the other. Evidence shows that Stanley pointed the handgun directly at the officer,” Mata said. “Fearing for his life, the officer fired his weapon at Stanley.”

The officer who shot 14-year-old Stanley was not immediately identified because of his covert work, and Mata said he was placed on administrative leave.

Family members said police ransacked the house in search of evidence, detained and interrogated family members at the home, without first informing them that Stanley had been shot and killed.

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“Search warrant was received for the house, so the house was searched,” Mata said. “It’s generally a good practice, a good idea not to traumatize the family at whatever crime scene we have.”

Family members also said that Stanley was protecting his family inside the house and did not know who the plainclothes officers were. Mata said officers never announced themselves because they weren’t there to arrest Stanley or have any contact with him, and didn’t have time to announce themselves before the shooting happened.

“We didn’t intend for these circumstances to happen,” Mata said. “When the officers were confronted, they made a decision.”

When asked whether it was appropriate for Stanley to come out of his house to chase away unknown people living in his neighborhood, Mata said Stanley’s decision to confront him with a gun prompted the officer’s reaction. inspired.

“I can see that if someone sees something out of the ordinary in their neighborhood, but to encounter someone with a firearm, I guess whether they’re the officer or not, I think it’s something that someone can do with a firearm.” Dangerous to cope with, ”said the mother.

latest deadly shooting Inspired a protest that closed a freeway in San Jose On Tuesday night, protesters blocked northbound Highway 87, marching on Taylor Street and police headquarters.

Several branches of investigative units are looking into the incident, such as the Department of Internal Affairs and the Office of the Santa Clara County DA.

It was the second fatal officer-shooting of the year in San Jose.

In January, police shot and killed 27-year-old David Tovar Jr. in the courtyard of an apartment complex in the city’s eastern foothills in January.

He was sought by authorities in connection with a murder in Gilroy and other violent attacks in south Santa Clara County.

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