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US President Joe Biden has promised to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, making it one of the first foreign policy initiatives this month. By the end of the summer, almost all US and NATO forces in Afghanistan will be gone, and with him – the beginning of a reflection of the cost of the conflict and the tens of thousands of costly living that have resulted in Biden’s domestic agenda largely fighting Covi-19.

The next four years may be crucial for the future of the United States, but President Biden Experts say they could be ousted by 2024.

Mr Biden, who has spoken to his colleagues in the Politico Democratic Party, said it would take only one time – but he did not publicly accept it.

Mr. Biden’s campaign adviser said at the time, “If Biden is elected … he will be 82 years old in four years and will not run for office.”

He added: “This BID makes a good transition. I would love for an election for the next generation of leaders this year but if I have to wait four years [in order to] I’m willing to do it to get rid of Trump.

Biden’s other counselor put it this way: . But it is not a one-time promise. ”

Many have speculated that his vice president, Kamala Harris, could step in to lead the Democratic Party in 2024.

According to a political strategist who has been in contact with Mr. Biden’s closest advisers, former Vice President Barack Obama is too old to lead the country for more than four years.

“Is he too old to be president?” Yes. Can the Eighty-One-Year-Old Presidential Candidate Succeed? He is not.

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Linn During a campaign rally in March 2020, Mr. Biden said, “Look, I see myself as a bridge. There are leaders of the whole generation standing behind you. They are the future of this country. ”

However, some reports suggest that the 78-year-old will run again in 2024.

According to The Hill, a long-time Biden consultant said, “I don’t think there is any reason to say no.”

He added: “So we all think he is [running again]It is the opposite of the idea that he will be president one day.


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