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Demonstration in London: Hundreds took part in an anti-Covid vaccine demonstration in Parliament Square


Hundreds of people gathered in the center London opposition Covid vaccine and vaccination passports.

Most of the crowd in Parliament on Saturday said corona virus The epidemic is a hoax while others have criticized the idea of ​​passport vaccinations.

There were signs that read: “My body, my choice”.

Several people pulled out a smoke bomb and one set off fireworks.

A busy place in Parliament Money: Tess De La Mere / PA

One man, who did not want to be named, said he was protesting “because I want to be free and I want you to be free and the government is lying to us”.

One woman said she had gone to the protest because journalists were “lying to us”.

By 1.20pm, the group started dispersing and headed for Whitehall.

Many of these demonstrations had already traveled from other parts of the country.

Videos on Twitter also show protesters entering the Westfield shopping mall in Shepherd’s Bush – even though police are trying to close the door.

Journalist Damien Gayle said the No Vaccine Passports demonstrations were removed from the stall after about 20 minutes police with sticks. He said he did not see anyone being beaten or arrested.

Among those taking part in the protests in central London also included TV presenter Gillian McKeith, who spoke out against “medical discrimination”.

The action on the screen was mixed. While some supported the protesters and protested the closure, others criticized them.

Comedian Bennett Arron ridiculed critics, saying people have a right to privacy. He wrote on Twitter:

Some called the demonstrations “Covidiots”, while the hashtag went viral on Twitter.

The user wrote:, but you can’t have both sides … # COVIDIOTS #coronavirus. “

A Twitter user posted a photo of a bus with several stickers on the windscreen, which he said was the work of critics. He wrote: “A poor driver is trying to clear hundreds of anti-vaxx signs on his bus after being hit by a demonstration today.”

In contrast, hundreds of Killing Opponents of the Bill also gathered in Russell Square to stage protests against the Police, Crime, Sentgment and Courts Bill.

Ideas in a new bill to put the shows on display, combining time and sound effects. People who break the monuments can also be jailed for up to ten years.

Met police have written an open letter to the protesters on Saturday. at various conferences expected to take place in London today.

The authorities “urged the people to comply with the ban on large gatherings.”

He also said that those who participated in the protests, who did not undergo a thorough investigation and violate the laws of coronavirus, had been fined. The organizers may also be breaking the law.

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