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Denver Lifts COVID-19 Concert Capacity Restrictions



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on 1st June, City and County of Denvero announced that COVID-19 Large scale outdoor locations such as capacity restrictions strong areahandjob coors field and red rocks has been lifted. “These locations no longer have a capacity limit,” notes the city.

There will be no need for social distancing. There is no mask for those who have been vaccinated.

As a result, bands that were banking on filling 2,600 or 6,500 seats with Red Rocks gigs would have to do some heavy lifting to pack home and prove their worth to the promoters.

and indoor events of up to 2,000 people will no longer require prior permission from the city or state; places like orientalhandjob ogdenhandjob bluebird and gothic Theaters and summits can resume shows with a full house. But indoor events of more than 2,000 events will still require approval from Denver Department of Public Health and Environment; it imposes some restrictions Fillmore Auditoriumhandjob Mission Ballroom and similarly sized locations.

On the same day these new guidelines were announced, global dance Posted on social media that the Global Dance Festival will take place at Mile High’s Empower Field on July 23 and 24, with performances from dozens of EDM acts including Claude Vonstroke, Mersive, Cascade, Illenium, Excision, Ecotec and many more. Ticket sales will begin at noon on Monday, June 7 Global Dance Festival Website.

Other calendars are filling up as well. For example, large-scale concerts ball arena Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Kane Brown and Marc Anthony are on the lineup starting in October. It’s a sign that the industry is ready for a full-scale return to business as usual, even though Denver notes that its new requirements will only take effect July 1, according to an updated order issued by the state on May 31.

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