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The solstice is still weeks away, but we are already looking forward to a smoking summer.

Savor the fun ahead at Mason Jar’s latest marijuana-pairing dinner party, sing at a cannabis karaoke session, or sign up for Canavancher’s next 4/20-friendly hike.

Learn more about that and other adventures on our cannabis calendar:

Cannabis Karaoke
Friday, June 4, 11:45 PM
Colorado Cannabis Tours
381 East 55th Avenue

Rip that bong and belt out tunes where none of the notes sound too loud at Colorado Cannabis Tours’ Friday karaoke session. Book a late-night slot for one to three hours, and puff and sing the night away. Tickets (21+) are at $11 per person Askew; Bring your own cannabis.

Mason Jar Unpacked
Wednesday, June 9 June
Shared boulder location after registration

Mason Jar is back on location, hosting its first in-person cannabis and dinner party since the pandemic hit. Farm Express Dispensary will provide curated cannabis goodies, which will be paired with a variety of recipes throughout the night. Food will be served from Moxie Bread Company, with Liquid Death Mountain sparkling spring water and Upslope Brewing Company providing drinks, and leftover salmon’s Andy Thorne (plus a special guest) playing live music throughout the night. Streaming and takeout options are available for those who want to party at home. Get more information and tickets at Mason Jar Website.

Cana Venture Hike
Saturday, June 12, from 1 to 6 pm
South chicago creek
Mount Evans Wilderness

Pot-friendly hiking group CannaVenture is heading to Mount Evans Wilderness for its next gathering, inviting anyone 21+ and five miles to join the game. Just remember: Public pot consumption is illegal in Colorado, so attendees will consume at their own risk. Reserve a spot, find out more about the area and get GPS and driving Direction to mark here.

Sunrise summer saturday
Saturday, June 26, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
color up
14 West Cedar Avenue

Enjoy free music, dance, CBD and meditation at CBD Hub Color Up during various Saturdays this summer. Following a quick product presentation, there will be a DJ performance, followed by a fifteen-minute yoga session and a one-hour dance. Attendees can check out the Crystal Booth and receive a complimentary Color Up product before leaving. Learn more about the gathering event web page.


Monday mood and movement
Monday, 6 to 7:30 pm
urban sanctuary
2745 Welton Street

Five Points yoga studio Urban Sanctuary is back hosting cannabis-friendly yoga sessions. The smoking session takes place after arrival (bring your own bud), with attendees taking 108 rounds of mantras, silent meditation and Hatha Yoga to take part in the flow. Tickets (21+) are at $25 Eventbright.

Know of more marijuana events? send information to Marijuana@westword.com.

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