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Denver restaurant and closing in May 2021



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The list of restaurant openings in May is not that long as it was for april, but there are still an impressive number of additions, given that bars and restaurants were allowed to return to full occupancy on May 16 without any social distancing requirements. Established Concepts’ new venues Bartaco, Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen and Snarf all debuted in town, while Boulder’s Arcana was replaced by Supermoon, an Asian-inspired eatery from the same team.

The month also marked the return of six restaurants that reopened after prolonged, pandemic-related closures, including two hotel fine-dining heavy-hitters that now have female chefs: Edge, of the Four Seasons. The restaurant inside and the Palace Arms of Brown Palace.

Despite the restaurant industry’s ongoing struggles, closures in May were few and far between, although the roster includes two eateries from the top Denver restaurants. Lon Symensma announces the end of Cho77 at 16th Street Mall; he will re-open space In the form of dumplings and noodle bar Yamcha in late June. And Troy Gard closed his flagship restaurant, TAG, after the last call in Larimer Square on 15 May.

Here is our full list of openings, reopenings and closings in May 2021:

Restaurants and bars opening in May*:
bartaco, 2001 West 32nd Avenue
petrol, 4839 East Colfax Ave.
Big Easy’s Crepe Kitchen, operating from 709 West Eighth Avenue
dew drop inn, 1033 East 17th Ave.
Drunk Bakery, 1411 Larimer Street
elevated sandwich, operating from 810 Vallejo Street
ghost donkey, 1750 Vevatta Street
Holan Daisyed, 1275 East First Avenue, Broomfield
Letup Eatery, 9696 East Arapahoe Road, Greenwood Village
Little Bakery House, 2439 South University Blvd
Mainstage Brewing Company, 450 Mains Street, Lyons
OBC Wine Project, 824 East Lincoln Ave., Fort Collins
Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen, 1262 College Avenue, Boulder
on top of snarf, 891 14th Street
super moon, 909 Walnut Street, Boulder

Chef Jessica Biederman is the new chef at Fresh Edge restaurant, which reopens on May 31.Detailed

Chef Jessica Biederman is the new chef at Fresh Edge restaurant, which reopens on May 31.

four seasons

Restaurants and bars to reopen in May*
Edge Restaurant & Bar, 1111 14th Street
Punch Bowl Social, 65 Broadway
super mega good, 1260 25th Street
function and class, 2500 Larimer Street, Suite 101
Palace Arms, 321 17th Street
twin fin poke, 2720 South Colorado Blvd

Restaurants and bars closing in May*
Cho77, 1520 16th Street
chue fu’s, 2950 South Broadway
Miss B’s VietnameseMILF Food Truck
Nugs Nugs Diner (formerly Kyles Kitchen), 4018 Tennyson Street
Tags, 1441 Larimer Street

*Or previously and not previously reported.

Have you seen any opening or closing not listed here? Tell us in the comments, or send an email cafe@westword.com.

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