DESCRIPTION: Tasmania’s Covid rules when borders open

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Testing, quarantine and isolation plan If you are a positive case of Covid: You must isolate for at least 10 days, and potentially longer, based on symptoms. No further testing is required. May leave after meeting the criteria for release from isolation in a suitable venue. If people are in the same house, they stay in close contact. People with prolonged symptoms may need to isolate for longer periods of time. If you are unvaccinated close contact of a positive Covid case, 14 days quarantine Minimum 3 tests: Tested immediately, tested per day 5-6, 12-13. Tested on days, can leave after 14 days and test negative Unvaccinated people in the same household to follow the same quarantine requirements. Vaccinated persons at home avoid high-risk environments for 14 days and may need to wear a face mask. Do you have NED-1397-coronavirus? If you are in close contact with a positive Covid case, quarantine for 7 days Minimum 3 tests: Tested immediately , 5-6. Tested on days 12-13. tested on days, can leave after 7 days and test negative, Unvaccinated persons in the same household to follow the same quarantine requirements. No quarantine/isolation requirement if you are casual contactMinimum 1 test: Tested on days 3-5; no home isolation/quarantine required if symptoms develop Wear a mask if you cannot physically move away from exposure for 14 days If you have low-risk exposure Quarantine/isolation not required No testing required but test if symptoms develop No home isolation/quarantine requirementsBusinesses and venues have a positive case or incidental or nearby detection on their premises If there are contacts, they will be able to continue working while their Covid security plans are in place. Any residue will be expected to clean and disinfect to reduce the risk. Staff, customers and customers will need to follow isolation and quarantine guidelines. Update on Covid casesMr Gutwein also provided an update on the two Covid cases managed by Public Health. “One adult male (from the medi-hotel Fountainside) was released after producing a negative result, and the other, an 18-month-old baby, is still with us and is progressing well as far as I can tell,” he said. The Premier seized this opportunity. encouraging residents to get vaccinated – especially those who have had their first dose, to come to their second dose appointment. 84.3% of them are fully vaccinated. “This means we still have 26,500 Tasmanians who need their second dose before December 15. Meanwhile, by Christmas Day, more than 1.5 million people, mainly frontline workers and high-risk groups, need to receive booster vaccines. A novel coronavirus 2.5 million people will need to book their backers in January, before increasing to 3.25 million in February and 4 million a month in March and April to avoid the tidal wave.

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