May 9, 2021


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Destiny 2 Season of Splicer: Vault of Glass will reveal, new weapons

Destiny 2latest season, the Splicer era, begins May 11, and it is the Guardians ’duty to protect the Last City from the advancement of Vex. The new season runs until August 24, and includes new weapons, new missions, and a journey back to a classic Tadhana aggression, Bungie announced on Tuesday.

The Splicer era is about Vex, making a direct threat to the Last City, one of humanity’s last remaining strongholds. Vex blocked out the day and threw the city into endless night. To stop them, the Guardians must team up with Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, to bring back sunshine to the city.

As part of the time narrative, players will have the opportunity to hack into a Vex simulation, courtesy of Mithrax, and complete a six-player matchmaking activity called Override, which will require they steal Vex codes and discover their secrets. The season also features a new weekly mission at the top called Expunge, where players can try to destroy the Vex Network from within.

A few weeks into the season, on May 22, players can capture Vex inside the mysterious Vault of Glass raid. Challenges awaiting players within the Vault include battles against Atheon, the Conflux of Time.

The Vault of Glass is the original Tadhanafirst invasion, and diehard players still hold it in a very special place in their memories. Although the invasion would still be recognizable to them, it would not be a direct port. According to Bungie, the new Vault of Glass is actually an updated version of Raid designed to fit better Destiny 2, and the expectations that players have in the current game.

Another new feature in Season of Splicer is the controversial new Armor Synthesis system, which Bungie revealed last month. Armor Synthesis allows players to customize the look of their Guardian using a new transmog system. A new season also means a Season Pass, just like previous seasons; Season Pass owners immediately get the new Exotic stasis sidearm Cryosthesia 77K when the Splicer Season begins.