May 7, 2021


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Developed countries have a moral obligation to share their photos of COVID-19

Often, World Immunization Week Vaccines are an opportunity to strengthen the message about the importance of saving lives. Vaccines from the common cough to polio, measles, and meningitis safely save millions of people every year for decades.

Often, no one really cares or pays attention. But 2021 is different. Over the past year, we have heard a lot about health science, the spread and spread of diseases, how new drug therapies, including vaccines, are being developed, tested and monitored for safety and impact after release. People know that COVID-19 is a vaccine To save people – Hundreds of thousands around the world.

Normally, I want to celebrate this increased awareness of the vaccine – actually in groups of six or less. But our success in developing COVID-19 vaccines, despite the fact that we have to face a difficult truth, is not enough in the global population. Vaccines are not being widely distributed around the world. More than 1 billion units Given in a few months, but still More than 90% It is not protected by the people of the world.

Additional vaccines should go where needed

This week, I looked scared 2 million new cases Corona virus in India 20,000 documented COVID-19 deaths – A number that underestimates the real loss. They were in Brazil 400,000 cases And approximately 17,000 deaths; By the World Health Organization in Europe 1 million cases And above Death of 20,000 people. It is impossible to imagine that the numbers are so high.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in many parts of the world. Case numbers have dropped to low levels in the UK, but generally globally Growing up and down every week. For most people, this means that time is running out.

We are seeing health systems overwhelmed IndiaAs they were Brazil. I look at the news pictures of my Indian medical colleagues and I am scared like them Get rid of oxygen For the sick, some of these are too many Dying at the hospital door.

Vaccination time is very low in India when it is needed to increase coverage.
Divicant Solanki / EPA-EFE

We should not sit back and watch this. We have reached the level of many high-income countries He vaccinated the most vulnerable We have a moral obligation to share vaccinations among their people, so that the most vulnerable in all societies can now be vaccinated. We cannot look back and know that we have the power to do more today.

Extensive distribution benefits everyone

For those who have the power to share a few vaccines around the world – those like the US and the UK who are traveling to higher coverage and Hundreds of millions more vaccines Obedient – Moral debate can be difficult to make international donations. These governments are primarily accountable to their own people.

However, sharing vaccines is a key issue for the benefit of our nations. When infections get out of control, it is important to keep our health safe by preventing the spread of new strains. Coronavirus can change as it multiplies. Increasing immunization coverage around the world will also help our economy by opening up businesses and giving those politicians who aspire to be global actors a place.

And we don’t have to worry about it today. Overcrowded health systems could not provide standard services, such as key services such as childhood immunizations He knocked loudly In many parts of the world. Last year, more people died of measles than ever before in the last 20 years. More than 200,000 – One of the most preventable causes of infant death.

Yes, global scientific efforts in immunization are remarkable, but we must not be complacent, the epidemic is growing, and the majority of the population is unprotected, especially in countries where conditions are deteriorating. We need to get vaccines for these people quickly – to protect them, the global health system and us.