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DHS Secretary: ‘We are looking at vaccination passports very closely


Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro MayorAlejandro MayorBiden aims to expedite the review for asylum-seeking families in the United States TSA ready for mayor’s memorial trip ‘People will see the lines’ DHS Secretary: ‘We are looking at vaccination passports very closely More The United States reported on Friday that it is “very close” to vaccines on international travel.

On ABC “Good morning America, ”The mayor has been asked for immunization passports to enter and travel to the United States

“We’re looking at that very closely,” said the mayor.

“You know, one of the principles we have been guided by in all these epidemics is the value of diversity, equity and inclusion, and the fact that any passport we give for vaccination is accessible to all and no one gets their rights,” he said.

Immunization passports have been the subject of controversy in the country’s immunization efforts. Many GOP-controlled states have barred local governments and businesses from requesting such evidence because they violate their right to choose the vaccine.

The White House also said there would be no federal approval for COVID-19 vaccines.

Deputy Press Secretary Karin Jean-PierreKarin Jean-PierreThe White House: Biden is “committed” to the January 6 investigation. Hill 12:30 Report – Senators return after overnight stay DHS Secretary: ‘We are looking at vaccination passports very closely More He told reporters On Friday The administration’s position on immunization passports has not changed.

“The U.S. government recognizes that other countries are interested in foreign imports. However, there is no federal order requiring anyone to get a vaccine.

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security told The Hill that Americans had discussed whether to meet other travel standards in the United States.

“We are looking at how we can ensure that Americans traveling abroad have a quick and easy way to enter other countries,” he said. This is what the author says: Ensure that all US travelers can easily meet the entry requirements abroad.

“There is no federal immunization database and no federal authority to force everyone to have a single vaccine,” the spokesman said.

The comment comes as many countries are opening their borders to international travel. Associated Press Reported Wednesday The European Union and some Asian countries are working to develop passports that can be used by phone users.

Mayors are still encouraging Americans to get vaccinated.

“We have immunization centers everywhere – no more than a mile from anyone’s home. And it’s very important that you get that vaccine, make it safe, and keep your loved ones and friends safe around them. ”

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