May 6, 2021


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Diego Maradona’s medical report dismisses “careless” care in the midst of a homicide investigation

A medical report has called into question the caretaker’s “careless” treatment of football legend Diego Maradona during an ongoing murder investigation.

Former Argentina captain Maradona survived a heart attack in November at the age of 60.

His death came shortly after he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain before being admitted to a rented house near Buenos Aires.

Since then, a medical board has been examining the details of his death, with input from experts, including cardiologists, physiologists, and toxicologists.

Their discoveries also acted “sufficiently, flawlessly and carelessly” until Maradona’s care team died, which may have made all the difference in his chances of survival.

Diego Maradona died of a heart attack in November

In particular, the report focuses on the time when Maradona’s life-threatening condition was “neglected” in a rented home.

The full report is being prepared for prosecution, and Maradona’s death is being investigated for alleged negligence.

Maradona’s private doctor Leopoldo Luke’s home and offices were searched a few days later.

Luke is now one of seven people involved in the murder investigation, although the prosecutor has been charged with felony criminal mischief.

According to the report, “He [Maradona] He presented unmistakable symptoms during a long period of distress, and we conclude that the patient was not properly monitored on 11/25/2020 from 00:30. [the day of his death]. ”

A report on Maradona's death found that the care team had taken action "Adequately" And "Carelessly"
A report on Maradona’s death found that the care team acted “insufficiently” and “carelessly”

The report adds: “Given the medical history of the days leading up to his death, it is unlikely that Maradona would have died if he had been properly treated in a hospital, but we believe that his chances of survival are slim. ”

Maradona had to be treated for alcoholism and had a long history of drug and alcohol addiction.

At the time of his death, there were no prescription drugs for the treatment of various conditions, including depression and epilepsy, but there were no illegal drugs or alcohol in the system.

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He is also battling major heart, kidney, and liver problems, and doctors said earlier that three weeks ago that he was “mentally incompetent.”

His heart was said to have died of a heart attack after a heart attack.

If prosecutors think they have enough evidence, they can turn their investigation into a murder, up to 25 years for anyone convicted.