May 9, 2021


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Dietary Tips for Healthy Pregnancy in Delhi Summer – Credihealth Blog

Winter pregnancy is better than summer one, as the weather adjusts your body temperature. From the third trimester, excessive sweating also occurs. However, there are many things to consider during pregnancy in Delhi. It is a time when your immune system can weaken and catch viruses. Therefore, it is very important to take care of what you eat.

You should consult your gynecologist in Delhi who can guide you throughout your winter pregnancy. If you are expecting a child but do not have insurance, you can choose Bajaj Health EMI Card To pay medical bills on EMI. It is important to get to a maternity ward that offers complete health care solutions during your pregnancy.

Most importantly, you need to focus on your diet because winter has a lot to do with your pregnancy. So here are some diet tips to keep in mind during pregnancy.

Consider taking in your calories

Pregnancy is a time when you need to explore every food group. However, it is important to take care of the calories you burn, which are directly dependent on your physical activity. Your weight also plays an important role in determining your calorie intake. You do not need more calories in your first three months than you normally would. You should start taking 300 extra calories from the second and third trimesters. Even when adding calories, it is important to choose the right one. To that end, you need the help of a dietitian to set the perfect calorie count for you.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are important parts of your diet that you should not miss. You should add more fruits and vegetables during the winter pregnancy. It not only strengthens your immune system during the winter, but also takes care of your baby. Eating fruits rich in vitamin C, such as watermelon, and oranges are good for immunity. Green vegetables are rich in iron and zinc. Broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower and spinach are just some of the best greens. Oranges and red vegetables, such as red peppers, sweet potatoes, and carrots, are important in your diet.

Iodine is a nutrient that goes

Iodine is an essential mineral for the production of thyroid hormone in your body. It is important for your overall health and development. Lack of iodine in your body can lead to complications during pregnancy and increase the risk of brain damage to the baby. Even if you use iodine-rich foods or iodine supplements, your body needs to have an adequate supply of iodine to relieve your winter pregnancy stress. Consult your gynecologist or dietitian to suggest the right way to eat iodine during pregnancy.

Drink water yourself

The importance of fluid in your body cannot be overlooked, especially during pregnancy. It helps if you focus on drinking enough fluids to keep your body hydrated. Water is also needed for lymph production, which carries white cells to your body and increases immunity. You may also have fresh juices from fruits and vegetables that are good for your body. Butter Butter, soup, milkshake are just some of the fluids your body likes. Make it a habit to drink at least 8-9 liters of water daily with other fluids to keep your baby healthy in the womb.

Milk is your source of calcium

It is natural for your body to crave calcium and protein during pregnancy. You should drink milk 3-4 times a day. It provides your body with the right amount of calcium and protein. You can also try the flavors by adding flavorful protein powders to your milk. You should never leave milk out of your diet; It is something that neither you nor your baby can live without during pregnancy. You may also want to drink warm milk to boost your immune system during the winter. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory drugs that boost your immune system and damage your body.

The basic line

Regardless of the weather, good nutrition is the key to a healthy pregnancy. Not only does it take care of your baby, but it also strengthens your immune system during the winter. It is important to eat a balanced diet that includes all the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The above are some great tips to help you have a healthy winter pregnancy.

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