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Difficulties grow on Matt Hancock due to Covid’s principles of home care | Corona infection


Matt Hancock faces another challenge to protect homes in the early stages of the coronavirus epidemic claims by Dominic Cummings to mislead the prime minister on the issue.

A woman whose father died with Covid in a hospice hospital has demanded that the health secretary release documents necessary to inform her of the dangers after thousands of people were thrown into care centers.

The move is part of a high court case that could explode case against Hancock, the NHS Commissioning Board and Public Health England are planning a three-day trial in October. It should also highlight what was said this week as well as the controversy between the former Prime Minister and Hancock’s top adviser on care facilities in the first weeks of the epidemic.

Cathy Gardner, whose father died, Michael Gibson last April, said her lawyer was looking for documents before the autumn hearing to see if the money violated the law. Boma research this week concluded that hospital discharge had resulted in 286 deaths from Covid, but the real risk should be even greater when those who have not been tested before death are counted.

Cummings briefed members of Parliament on the government’s deliberations on the state of emergency, which he recalled, “Actually, ‘Wait, this sounds dangerous, are we sure?'”

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