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Difficulty of travel tests between those who travel without weapons and have no results | Money


LMore than two weeks after the international holiday resumes, there are signs that the government testing after the Covid trip is becoming a nightmare, with passengers paying hundreds of pounds for unscheduled tests, or failing to arrive.

Travelers arriving at the UK airport in the last 10 days have stated that they should call the NHS 119 call after them. vendor experimenting on government lists failed to provide their results, leaving them anonymous if possible to eliminate the ten-day exception.

Others, who spent $ 200 and more on home testing equipment, states that he was not handed over to their private address. The fact that many of these companies may not agree – many do not print phone numbers – adds to the frustration, say customers.

All travelers entering England from the amber list country now have to test Covid on or before the eighth day, and stand on their own while awaiting results. There is also the opportunity to try a third time, which saves you from the hospital on a Friday. Those coming from the green country should be tested once they arrive, the second day.

But instead of taking advantage of the NHS Covid launch that tested the country last year – and paid the riders accordingly – the website offers a list of secret offices, of which 325 operate in England alone.

Travelers are faced with the daunting choice of companies that charge anywhere between $ 85 and £ 390 for both tests. Some companies already sell self-adhesive labels. Some are selling weapons that they do not have.

In addition to the chaos, various rules apply in Wales and Scotland although passengers often travel to England airports.

Maria Karagkouni, who returned to the UK from Greece on May 14, says she was forced to ask the NHS for a trial after a business contractor, Dante Labs, failed to arrange for a $ 116 payer. tests more than 10 days after.

“Trying to reach everyone in Dante is impossible because the company does not have a phone number, and I ignore all emails. It has hundreds of negative comments on Trustpilot and Facebook. The reason for this even on the government list is impossible. I am asking to return to my bank to repay my money, ”he said.

Paolo Grossi used the official list to write his two-day eight-day exam, after returning from Milan 10 days ago. The nurse made an appointment for her to meet at her Camden hospital where she takes swabs. “On the second day I had to go to the hospital for a check-up but ‘trying and checking’ was told I could not go as I did not have to leave the house. This contradicts what I read about government page, I was told by border guards at Heathrow, as well as at the hospital, ”he said.

One of the medical team has carried a swab that he has used to test for PCR
The official website contains a list of Covid test takers. Photo: Leon Neal / Getty Images

“I called 119 and the woman I spoke to did not know what the rules were. In the end she sent me two NHS exams and I used those.

“Experimental tests are confusing, and I don’t know what the rules are. What will happen when the journey really begins this summer? ”

Laura Woodruff, who traveled to Bristol from Madeira to see her father in Wales shortly before his death this week, says the plan is “totally inappropriate”. He paid £ 75 to register for the exam in Cardiff when he arrived.

“When I came in to fill out the transit form, which can only be completed 48 hours before departure, it required a registration number that I didn’t have,” he says.

He could not get to his captors. “As a result, after I lost the plane, I was forced to buy a second £ 88 test from another company,” he says. “It seems that the Welsh government changed the rules when I made the first one, but why are the rules so different from England? It’s all very difficult to navigate.”

Rory Boland, Which one? The travel agency, it says, the group of buyers caused a stir in the experiment before resuming international travel.

“Proper monitoring of travel testing is urgently needed, especially to protect public health, and it cannot be delayed,” he says. “Millions of people should rely on the system in the summer, and they would be able to get out of the pocket without fault if the problems are not addressed immediately by the government.”

Dante Labs was asked to comment.

A government spokesman said: “It is the responsibility of the private consultant to monitor the availability of their exams.

“We are monitoring the performance of individual testing services to ensure that they provide the best possible service to our customers, as we also carefully open up international travel. If they do not provide adequate care, they receive a five-day warning and are removed from the . ”

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