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Dinah Manzo Slams Albie Manzo When He Speaks About Family Drama, Says ‘Storyline’ Is Only for Profit


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albie manzo is preparing to tell everything about him family drama In an upcoming episode of his podcast, Dear alby.

Between your mother Caroline ManzoOf Ongoing fight With my sister and ex real housewives of new jersey Co-star, Dinah Manzo, Albie took to his Instagram page where he confirmed that he had reached his breaking point as Dinah clapped back after accusing him of using him for profit.

“Oh, and before anyone gets excited, real quick [with] The last name Manzo has posted something, so this is your clown – a chance to leave unfounded comments as if you think you know something. I’m not quiet, I’m busy. But I’ve had enough about this bull-t and you’ll hear from me soon, don’t worry,” warns Albie, via screenshot shared by Love Andy C. Twitter, as he announced his upcoming show.

“Meanwhile… Mother Bear, you are the strongest woman I know. I love and admire you more than you will understand,” he said.

RHONJ Albie Manzo warns podcast about family drama

After seeing what Albie had said, Dinah reacted to his comment, accusing him of not only using them for a story on his podcast, but of using his family feud to gain listeners. Also accused of doing, and thus money, for his show.

“Oh Shocking … going to talk about it on your podcast for download,” Dinah replied. “Unfortunately it will be just a ‘story’ for profit. What a shame.”

RHONJ Dina Manzo accuses Albie of using her for podcast profits

Talk between dina and caroline Increased tension since the beginning of this month It was revealed that Caroline had served as a Character witness for my brother-in-law, Tommy manzoAfter being accused of assaulting Dina, his ex-wife and her current husband, Dave canteen, after breaking into their New Jersey duplex with another man in 2017. They were also accused of Hiring a member A well-known crime family attacked Dave in a strip mall in 2015.

After Caroline and others wrote letters on Tommy’s behalf, he was released from prison.

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