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Directing Isn’t Something Meghan Markle Wants to Take


Meghan can’t take direction…

Now, call us Sussex obsessives whatever you want, but we’re all about the truth here on Project Fangirl. We have covered so much of the Sussexes over the past few months, it has become a habit to write an article on them. Anyway, it’s about Marley and his lack of direction. Now, before the sugars go bad and say we’re threatening their goddess, we’re not. If we were, we would be saying racist things and criticizing his appearance and everything in between. We’re not that kind of publication and we’re not going to start yet. So, before you, Meg devotees decide to twist our words, read what is written, act later.

When it comes to conversation, Meghan isn’t someone who likes to be told what to do. It doesn’t matter much. She was to be directed when she was an actress Suit. from some scenes we saw, she didn’t take it well, as her delivery of the dialogue is sloppy. Now, we are not criticizing him, it is just a simple observation.

We understand that not everyone who is reading this knows how to read the performance. But observation is a powerful thing. Plus, we studied in film school so we knew it worked. Direction is one of the important aspects of any kind of entertainment medium where there is an audience. If Meghan were a good actress, her delivery would have seemed natural, and from what we’ve seen, it’s not.

Direction Is Important When It Comes to Being Royal

The direction Meghan should have known about being an alleged fan of the royal family before getting to know Harry is really important. You need to know how to stand up and introduce yourself and when to hold your tongue. She thought it did not apply to her as her in-laws were ‘beloved’ at that time. If Princess Anne and Zara could see through him it was only a matter of time before others followed his example.

One simple direction he will have to take is when to curse the queen and when to speak to those who are more important to him. An example of this is when he stopped Harry from walking and pushed him in front of him at Charles’ 70th birthday garden party. We have seen the footage but we can’t find it. The “event” if you can call it that, basically sees him pushing back to pass through a door. Now, at the time, it was passed off as the Duke of Sussex adopting a ‘first lady’ mentality by simply being humble and letting his wife go before him. However, as the years went by, it became clear that the Duchess of Montecito knew what she was doing.

We talked about how Meghan knew protocol but didn’t think it applied For him. After all, she wanted to ‘get on the ground running’. Yes ah huh. Keep telling yourself this. Taking instructions means following the rules. As an actress, MM knew and understood this. if She thinks the bullying employees at Kensington Palace and then saying they were mean to her, she can take it upstairs where the sun doesn’t shine.

Not about that!

Now, we need to emphasize that when you are a narcissist trying to hide your true colors from your husband, who is clearly head over heels for you, there are things you need to be wary of. Needed. One of these things is to make positions about yourself when they are not. look at What happened to Prince Charles’ garden party? Which was organized on his 70th birthday. The wedding took place three days ago and Meghan and Harry were still on the cusp of marriage. It is alleged that the newly minted Duchess of Sussex was accepting gifts and talking about her big day.

Meghan has no self-control when it comes to talking about herself. look what happened to it wax live video He has done. In it, she mentioned how lucky she and Harry are to be welcoming a daughter and other things that had zero to do with receiving the coronavirus vaccine. She was raised by her father, who never said ‘no’ to her and wanted all her childhood friends. There is evidence in the form of video (according to) Exposing SMG on YouTube) running around at another girl’s birthday party and being cursed at Meghan she seems to have forgotten about. This is when he claimed to Oprah that she didn’t know about royal protocol. With all, glamour reported that she took a two-hour etiquette lesson in Pasadena, California.

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