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Discussions with Amma Y Gharte-Tego Kutin and Victoria Alonso at the 2021 WIA World Summit


The fifth woman at the Animation World Conference is almost here. Amma Y of JusticeRX. Gharte-Tago Kutin, Ph.D. Victoria Alonso of Marvel Studios will be among the participants in the virtual event, it was announced in a press release. Visible to the members and participants of the International Animation Festival and MIFA 2021 from 14th June 1921 to Animation (WIA), the main theme of this year’s summit is “In the business of diversity”. Ordinary people will be able to see the summit WIA website And YouTube is starting June 20th

“In the last four summits, the WIA has created a shared vocabulary around diversity, inclusion, inherentness and equity. As a global community, the organization has gone through memorable paradigm shifts, challenges, and opportunities over the past year, including racism, global epidemics, the rise of discriminatory violence, and strong progress toward inclusion. “As the 5th Summit at the WIA Annecy takes place, it is important for our global WIA community to learn from each other and to be partners in efforts to overcome not only the business needs but also the successes and failures we have achieved.”

Kutin will deliver the keynote address of the summit, “The Subject of the Story”, which will discuss how the story plays a role in how we see ourselves and others. He will also talk about his creative work and narrative change and African emigration. Alonso is set to take part in a fire chat to share the economic benefits of inclusion on both sides of the camera.

Other Summit offers include a meet artist video featuring Monica Ahnonu, who created the artwork for the event, and panels highlighting different perspectives on the animation and the greenlighting projects of African producers.

“It’s not that diversity, equity and inclusion in business that are appropriately encouraged for business (they are), but that we, as business and individuals, have a role to play in bringing about change,” said WIA Secretary / DII Chair Julie Ann Krommet The company, the organization and the industry are committed to improving – occupying the DII case. We become more transparent with each other, more transparent as art, and faster as we build a world community of true practice and thought leadership. Our hope is that this summit will begin to model what transparency and action can and could be in our industry. “

The WIA recently launched a talent database, a searchable tool that provides international talent across the animation profession, including women, trans and non-binary individuals. The platform currently has more than 5,000 candidates.

The full summit program is below, courtesy of Women in Animation. You can learn more WIA Or Annecy Fest Website.

Welcome from WIA

WIA President Margin Dean And CEO CEO Mikael Marine Welcome visitors, including the CEO of Triggerfish Stuart Forrest And senior producer Vanessa Sinden As the official partner of WIA for 2021 women at the Animation World Summit.

Original Address: By the subject of the story Amma y gharte-tago kutin, Ph.D.

  • Introduction: Julie Ann Chromat, WIA Secretary / DEII Chair and Founder and CEO, Collective Moxie; Equity and Inclusion Strategist
  • Speaker: Amma Y Gharte-Tago Kutin, Ph.D.., Buffalo’s Top Artist: A New Vice President of Musical and Creative Affairs, JusticeRX
  • Original details: Narrators and stories have a direct impact on how we perceive ourselves, the world and each other. Join Dr. Amma as she shares her insights and connections between her creative work, storytelling and African emigration.

Panel: Alternative career paths and opportunities for talent

  • Moderator: Ginko Gotoh, WIA Vice President and Producer, Netflix
  • Speaker: Meredith Dean (Clinical Program Director, Animation Project), Allison Frenzel (Arts, Media and Entertainment Education Program Specialist, California Department of Education), Karin Cooper (SVP Development and Production, TeamO; Co-Founder, ECAS; Co-President, LFA), Carina L.ücke (Director, Triggerfish Foundation (PBO)) and Arnan Monor (Member of the Board of Visual Effects Society and President of its Education Committee)
  • Description of the panel: Studying in an art school and earning a degree is not an exclusive opportunity for everyone. This panel discusses how to challenge sustainability and create alternative career opportunities, especially gaining different talents.

Panel: Greenlighting different types of voice

  • Moderator: Janet U., The director of the original animated film, Netflix li
  • Speaker: Peter’s cheek (Chief Creative Officer, Television for DreamWorks Animation), Jessica Julius (Vice President, Creative Development, Walt Disney Animation Studios), Ramsey Naito (President, Nickelodeon Animation Studio), Karen Rupert Tolliver (Executive Vice President, Creative, Sony Pictures Animation), Sarah Victor (Head of Development, Crunchroll)
  • Description of the panel: The need for storytellers to tell and listen to representative stories from a more diverse range has never been more important. This panel of mature content decision makers looks at the importance of creating community stories, the need for truth in front of and behind the camera, and the green light behind the scenes.

Video: Meet the artist

Featured at this year’s Animation World Summit Women’s artist Monica Ahnonu Talk about his involvement in this project and his inspiration for the artwork.

Panel: Triggerfish presented by African creators in animation

  • Moderator: Vanessa Sinden, Senior producer, Triggerfish
  • Speaker: Achiode in Omotunde (Author, story editor), Kelly Dillon (Creator, KIIA), Engando Mookie (Director, Writer), Malenga mulendema (Creator, Mama K’s team 4), Tendai Nike (Development Executive, Triggerfish), Orion Ross (Vice President, Original Programming, Animation, Disney EMEA)
  • Description of the panel: Conversations with top African women taking to the stage of the center, including shows they have created, written and are currently conducting.

Features: Maintenance and make a difference around the world

An inspirational feature that gives a glimpse of WIA’s history and successful global mentoring programs.

Fireside chat with Victoria Alonso

  • Moderator: Julie Ann Cromat, WIA Secretary / DEII Chair and Founder and CEO, Collective Moxy; Equity and Inclusion Strategist
  • Speaker: Victoria Alonso, Executive Vice President, Production at Marvel Studios
  • Panel details: Victoria Alonso shares her perspective on the economic power of diversity in front and behind the camera and its impact on storytelling and success.

Video compilation: Women in creative leadership

A visual compilation of short stories from the world’s leading animation studios highlighting women’s creative roles. Participating studios include Ardman, Animal Logic, Chromesphere, Crunchioral, Disney Jr. and Disney Television Animation, DreamWorks Animation, The Gotham Group, Illumination, Art Light & Magic, Lucasfilm, Netflix, Nexus Studios, Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Paramount Animation, RILFX Sky Pictures Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Stupid Buddy Studios, Ted-ED, Warner Animation Group and WarnerMedia, Including Cartoon Network Studios, Warner Bros. Animation and Hana-Barbara Studios Europe.

Closing from WIA

A concluding message of gratitude from WIA President Marez Dean.

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