Disney + announces 20 new originals for the Asia-Pacific region

The Walt Disney Company hosted a special regional press and partner event for its Asia and Pacific regions, where it presented an extensive table of global, regional and local language content for Disney +, and unveiled over 20 new APAC content titles including 18 originals. Consumers can look forward to a wide range of original stories from top content creators in the region, in addition to the huge library of branded content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and Star.

The streaming service is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, with future launches in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan in November 2021.

The new APAC projects include original productions by leading content creators, from star-studded scripted live action tent-pole series including drama, comedy, fantasy, romance, science fiction, crime, horror; for variety shows, documentaries and anime from various markets including Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Greater China and Australia. Regarding local availability, the new APAC content titles will be available in the streaming service next year. The new projects unveiled today are part of Disney’s ambition to shed more than 50 APAC originals green by 2023.

Luke Kang, President, The Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific said at the event:

“For many decades, the Walt Disney Company entertained consumers and was an integral part of the local creative ecosystem. Today, we make a different commitment by combining the company’s global resources with the best content creators from Asia Pacific to original stories. with Disney + to develop and produce.With over-the-top services becoming mainstream, emerging world-class content from Asia Pacific and rising consumer sophistication, we believe this is the right time for us to partner with the best content Creating the region’s creators to deliver a unique storytelling experience to the global audience. “

At the event today, Disney also introduced the Mark Star, which serves as thousands of hours of movies and television from Disney creative studios, including Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios, 20th Television, Touchstone, and more, enhanced by the addition of local programming from the regions where available.

In the coming years, Disney will launch a significant slate of premium branded entertainment on the Disney + platform, including content from its worldwide brand franchises, general entertainment content from Star, and local language originals from APAC.

Jessica Kam-Engle, Disney’s APAC Head of Content & Development, who unveiled APAC’s new content slate, added:

“Our production strategy is focused on working with the best local storytellers in the region, benefiting from our brand strength, scale and commitment to creative excellence. We look forward to collaborating with award-winning and emerging creative talents in Asia Pacific and sharing authentic stories that reflect the unique cultural and social dynamics of this region for the global audience.

Key highlights of the new APAC content titles include:

– An Action Hero Thriller, Move is the ultimate tent pole show from Korea based on Kang Full’s webtone about three teenagers discovering their unusual powers.
– Snowdrop, a romantic melodrama series featuring top Korean actor Jung Hae-in and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. Said by the producers behind the K-drama mega-hit “Skycastle” of 2019, Snowdrop is one of the most anticipated dramas of the year.
– Grid, a mystery thriller and new tent pole series by renowned writer Lee Su-yeon.
– Exclusively at Disney + and in theaters, BLACKPINK: The Movie is a documentary about the Korean pop group with charts, in commemoration of their fifth year anniversary.
– Rookies, an adult romantic series set in the Korean Elite Police Academy, is K-Pop idol Kang Daniel’s debut drama.
– Tokyo MER (Mobile Emergency Room), a special TBS collaboration, is a medical drama starring renowned actors Ryohei Suzuki and Kento Kaku.
– BLACK ROCK SHOOTER DAWN FALL is a Japanese reboot animation by BLACK ★ ROCK SHOOTER, a popular character with global fans who created music, action figures, games and animation.
– Summer time rendering is a Japanese animation based on one of the top manga titles with a cumulative total of over 130 million page views on the Japanese web manga app Shonen Jump +.
– YOJOHAN TIME MACHINE BLUES (Working Title) is a new Japanese animated series in the sequel to THE TATAMI GALAXY. This is the latest work by renowned writer Tomihiko Morimi and Science SARU, a production studio that has won many international awards.
– At Tokyo event Disney also announced a planned anime adaptation of “announced”Expands Wonderland“, Disney’s very popular mobile game from Aniplex.
– From the hit movie of the same title, Signal difficulty (or Bad Signal) is a comic drama series about a group of hotel staff who manage a stylish resort hotel in West Java.
-Under the creative vision of renowned director Joko Anwar, and produced by Screenplay Bumilangit, Bumilangit will launch its first series soon.
-With the talented Chen Bo-Lin, Small & Powerful is his return appearance in Taiwanese drama since “In Time With You”, and a comic drama about self-discovery.
– Delicatessen fate is a Chinese-era drama and veteran producer Yu Zheng Neist Strives to Eat Rome-Com, following the success of “Story of Yanxi Palace.”
– Shipwreck Hunters is the first Australian documentary for Disney + and documents iconic shipwreck mysteries off the far coast of Western Australia.

APAC Creative Experience Program

Disney has also announced the launch of The Walt Disney Company.APAC Creative Experience Program, “A first-of-a-kind special initiative that connects hundreds of top APAC creators with Disney world-class filmmakers and creators. Through creative masterclasses, live panels and other engagement activities, Disney will provide opportunities for leading APAC creators for executors. and creatives from many of the company’s major brands and studios, and Mr Kang added:

“We hope this program will inspire the creative community and further accelerate the creative development of Asia Pacific, which I believe is emerging as a global content and media powerhouse. The creative talent and content we see from many APAC countries is world class, and Disney will only get better. Disney’s unsurpassed storytelling is the foundation of our special connection with our audience and we look forward to providing our top talent in the region with insights into the creative processes of the world’s best storytellers. “

Disney +’s international rollout continues to build and now that the streaming service is a success, it is massively revising its content engines to create new shows and movies for the streaming service. Hopefully, the majority of these originals will be released worldwide on Disney +. The success of the South Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” in recent weeks should hopefully encourage Disney to follow and give us all the opportunity to watch this content.

With Disney + now creating hundreds of local shows across Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Latin America, Disney + is truly becoming a global streaming platform.

Which new original are you most excited about?

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