May 9, 2021


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Doc’s first teaser titled ‘The Gig Is Up’ about the pitfalls of the gig economy

Doc’s first teaser titled ‘The Gig Is Up’ about the pitfalls of the gig economy

By Alex Billington
April 29, 2021
Source: YouTube

“Convenience costs” “ Dougoff has released a promo teaser trailer titled Indy Documentary Gig is up, The latest from the award-winning Canadian filmmaker Shannon Walsh. Its new Doc Hot Docs and CPH: DOX Film Festivals about the Gig Economy are premiering this spring, which is why this first trailer is now coming down to create buzz in the Dock Marketplace. App developers entice a huge workforce with the promise of flexible time with no office or boss – but with Uber, Amazon, Lift, and many more in front of the camera jig staff, the cost of interrupting people is even deeper. “A very human technology dock, Gig is up For companies including Uber, Amazon and Delivery, revealing the real costs of the platform economy through the lives of workers around the world. The film tells the story of workers giving up everything just to make a living. Began to concentrate Really Gigs around the world are working with corporations on employee opportunities.

Official teaser trailer (+ poster) for Shannon Walsh’s document here Gig is upDirectly from YouTube:

Gig is up poster

Food delivery, driving ride shares, image tagging for AI, millions of people around the world are looking for work through online tasks. The gig economy is worth more than 5 5 trillion globally and growing… and yet the story of the workers behind this technological revolution has been largely ignored. Who are these shadow workers? Gig Is Up brings their stories to light. Tempted by the promise of flexible work time, freedom and control over time and money, workers around the world have found a very different reality. Working conditions are often dangerous, salaries are often changed without notice, and employees can be effectively fired through inactivity or poor ratings. Through an engaging global cast of characters, the film reveals how the magic of the technology we sell can’t be magic at all. Gig is up Directed by award-winning Canadian doc filmmakers Shannon Walsh, The director of the Doc film H2Oil, August 26 in St. Henry, Friday Jeep, And The illusion of control Previously it was premiering in both Hot Docs and CPH: DoX. Dogoff Rips for the picture – see for more information Their site. Interested?

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