Doctor Who: Flux Episode 4 Rating – Village of Angels

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As for Yaz and Dan, they’re just ahead of another Weeping Angel and find themselves back in the village, only now they’re in 1901. They find the missing Peggy here, but that’s about it for town. Census, as the angels are also at this point in history. We quickly learn that they did more than feed the inhabitants – they ripped the whole village and its timeline out of causality, effectively trapping everyone within its destructive boundaries.

Back in ’67, once the Doctor of the Progressive Angels was beaten back into the basement, Claire decided it was time to “draw what the audience had already seen. Much like Amy in ‘Flesh and stone‘, she has an angel in her head; one that has been lurking since she had a premonition of the events of that day. Because the image of an angel itself can become an angel, her vision left Claire a psychic passenger, and the doctor had no choice but to dive into Claire’s mind and find out what’s really going on.

Very much so, as it turns out. The rogue angel hides inside Claire’s brain is on the run from his kind, but this is far from Patrick Ness’s civil war ambitions. The Weeping Angels in this episode are a tactical squad that works for none other than the division. (Or just ‘division’, as the angel insists on calling it. Is this just an affection or a kind of clue?) They are here to recapture the culprit who has disappeared with all the secrets of the division – and those contain the missing doctor. Memories of giving Claire’s Angel some lifts.

While this was going on, we cut back on Gerald and Jean, who discovered quantum extraction, which displaced the village. Having been portrayed as unsympathetic characters, it’s clear that something bad will happen to the couple sooner or later, but their gruesome fate tends to interfere with the established logic of the angels – assuming a word like ‘logic’ on a sci-fi Types of Time-Deep Gargoyles. At first, Gerald is dragged back in time because he accidentally touches an angel while in a statue form, but why? Not only have we already seen people touch the angels while they are quantum locked up without any bad effects, Jericho and Claire do that later in this same episode and they are good.

Second, when Gerald and Jean arrive in 1901, they are immediately summoned by another angel and because “no one survives it twice”, the next touch is to stone them. And then they just … explode. Fair enough, but we know people to make twice survived, because that was the point of the battery farm of the angels in ‘The Angels take over Manhattan‘. (Den Doctor Vienna The public tends to notice these details in the same way as they notice, say, when an angel the size of the Liberty statue is able to move invisibly around New York City …)

Back in Claire’s head, the doctor is understandably seduced by knowledge of her past in exchange for protecting the angel, but before anything can be agreed upon, she is awakened by Professor Jericho. The angels packed it into the cellar, meaning it was time to leave through the only other track the doctor could find – an old tunnel that runs to the edge of the village, but which also runs through the heart of the Gruef lives. -Meteorite-thingy the angels used to reach the earth in the first place.

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