Dominic Raab and Michael Gove lose as Liz Truss promoted on reshuffle

However, this move also means that Mr. Gove will be one step further from the center of government than he has in the past two years.

Mr. Gove was also not given any of the more prominent departments reportedly interested, such as the Home Office or the State Department.

Seen as a safe couple by some on Downing Street, Treasury Chief Secretary Stephen Barclay has moved into the Cabinet Office to take on Mr Gove’s previous role.

Being aware of the Treasury days of the economic effects of the recent lockdowns, he will lead the effective “Covid-O” Cabinet committee meetings that shape important decisions on combating the pandemic.

Conservative Party conference stalls

The timing of the change reflects the upcoming Conservative Party annual conference at the end of the month, allowing Mr Johnson to present his new team to party members.

Mr. Zahawi has been the public face of the Covid vaccine, which has helped push the Conservatives to a consistent poll lead against the Labor Party this year, and was rewarded by being appointed Secretary of Education.

Mr Williamson’s dismissal was generally expected after backlash from the United States. Failed exam reforms in the summer of 2020 and deep disapproval of tenure among Tory members in polls.

Mr. Dowden, who became Minister of Culture, was appointed co-chair of the Conservatives, replacing Ms. Milling. He was once Cameron’s deputy chief of staff and is expected to play a leading role in political strategy.

Nadine Dorries He replaced Mr Dowden as Minister of Culture.

With the exception of Mr. Raab, the apparent lack of withdrawal of the demoted reflects Mr. Johnson’s political power.

More than two years into his term as Prime Minister, the Conservatives are consistently ahead of Labor in the polls, have a majority of more than 80 in the House of Commons, and have more than two years until the next election.


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