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The former US President launched his website ‘From the Desk of Donald J Trump’ in May. It was supposed to serve as a way for Mr Trump To communicate directly with fans – following his ban from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook in the aftermath of the Capitol Hill riots. Senior aide Jason Miller confirmed to CNBC that the blog “will not return” as visitors to the website on Wednesday were redirected to a page encouraging them to sign up for alerts from Mr.

Mr Miller suggested the website was an early step in a broader social media project that the Trump team was preparing.

He added: “It was supportive of our wider efforts and what we are working on.”

The move pleased the army of critics of the former president, who mercilessly took to social media channels to mock him.

Political commentator Amesia Krauss posted: “He was hoping it would get him the same traction that Twitter did.

“It didn’t happen. Nobody cared about the Trump blog and its traffic was disappointing at best.”

Another wrote: “Trump shuts down his Rage Fax website because no one visited it?

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According to a report in The Washington Post, Petfinder is a pet-adoption service and was receiving more visitors than Mr Trump’s blog.

Mr Miller told Fox News about Mr Trump’s intention to launch his blog back in March, claiming that the property tycoon would “bring millions and millions to this new platform.”

However, engagement with the website peaked at 159,000 at its launch, dropping to only 15,000 after that.

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