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Donald Trump said he would pay £100,000 for not listening to Theresa May


Donald Trump reportedly made scathing remarks that he would pay £100,000 for not listening to speeches made by the former British Prime MinisterTheresa May, after learning that he was paid that amount for corporate presence.

Sharing an anecdote, British broadcaster piers morgan written in the audience that when he informed Mr Trump that Ms May was “paid over £100,000 per pop for speeches”, the former President “Laughter scoffed and erupted: ‘Are you kidding me? I’ll pay £100,000 for not listening to him!'”

The relationship between Mr Trump and Ms May has often been described in the media as “dormant”, after the initial announcement of a “special relationship”, with several cases publicly clashing.

Majorly, these skirmishes were over the leak of sensitive information and Britain’s decision to stop sharing intelligence with the US in the aftermath. 2017 Manchester suicide bombing And this Pushback from Ms. May after Mr. Trump Shared the message of a far-right anti-Muslim campaigner. The event concluded with Mr Trump calling on the then British Prime Minister The focus on terrorism in Britain

After widely criticized for sharing a provocative video posted by a British far-right group, Mr Trump tweeted: “Don’t focus on me, focus on the devastating radical Islamic terrorism happening within the United Kingdom “

During this the rift between the two leaders became more apparent. G7 met in June 2018, when Mr Trump excluded him from the list of people with whom he shared a great rapport.

“I would say the level of the relationship is 10. We have a great relationship. Angela [Merkel], and Emmanuelli [Macron] and justin [Trudeau] … I’d say the relationship is 10.”

He also slammed Ms. May for dealing with her brexie He said he ignored their advice on how to carry out the talks and now “is tearing a country apart.”

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