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Donald Trump shuts down website after a month


‘From Donald Trump’s desk’ communications website shuts down after only one month of operation, and won’t return

A communication or blog website started by Donald Trump to publish ‘straight-to-desk’ content of the former President of the United States of America has been shut down.

in early may Trump launches his ‘communications’ website (found here), and it essentially illuminates Trump’s views on daily issues, much like he did on twitter.

came into existence after Donald Trump was banned from all major social networking platforms Following his role in inciting a crowd of his supporters to storm the US Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6, which resulted in the deaths of five people (including a police officer being beaten to death).

‘from the desk’

Since his ban from social media outlets, the former president has had to Issue your statements via traditional press releases, which the new website also hosted in its one month operation.

Users were able to like Trump’s posts, but importantly for Trump and his team, his supporters were also able to share his statements on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Trump used his new ‘Communications’ website to continue to ban his services on Facebook and other social networking platforms.

This comes after Facebook’s oversight board ruled that he could keep Donald Trump suspended on Facebook and Instagram, Which Trump called a “total disgrace.”

website closed

But instead of greeting visitors to the website “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” on Wednesday with a list of their thoughts on daily issues, they are invited to register and sign up for alerts from the former US president. .

website was down confirmed to CNBC His spokesman on Wednesday

It “won’t be back,” his senior colleague Jason Miller told CNBC. “It was helpful to our broader efforts and we are working on,” Miller said via email.

He declined to provide additional details about those efforts.

“Hopefully soon there will be more information about the wider effort, but I don’t know the exact timing,” Miller reportedly said.

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