Donald Trump threatens Republican boycott in upcoming elections

Donald Trump is still worried about his election defeat and has suggested a way for his supporters to respond – even if it would only help his opponents.

Former US President Donald Trump has issued a strange threat, saying Republican voters will boycott the country’s next two election cycles unless his allegations of widespread 2020 fraud are “resolved.”

Trump made the statement in a short statement with two sentences after a judge in Georgia dismissed a lawsuit from his supporters who tried to inspect 147,000 ballot papers.

Eleven months after his defeat to Joe Biden, Trump still insists he actually won.

“If we do not resolve the 2020 presidential election (which we have carefully and definitively documented), Republicans will not vote 22 or 24,” he warned today.

“That’s the most important thing for Republicans to do.”

His message did not go into further detail on how the above-mentioned “presidential election 2020” would be resolved.

The Trump campaign’s repeated efforts to overthrow Mr. Bidens victory in the last months of 2020 was fruitless. Judges at the state and federal levels, including conservatives appointed by Trump himself, repeatedly the then president and his allies because they have not provided any evidence to support their claims.

The former president’s proposal that his supporters stay at home is curious, as it would damage his party’s future prospects in both the mid-2022 and 2024 presidential elections.

Trump’s election rhetoric was widely accused of poor turnout among Republican voters for a couple of close elections in the Senate in January, which resulted in Biden’s Democrats claiming total control of Congress.

Senior Republicans suggested that by telling his supporters in advance that the result would be deceptive – and because their votes would not be counted – he convinced some not to show up for the election at all.

Georgia’s lieutenant governor Geoff Duncan, a Republican aide, slammed Trump for his statement today.

“The statement below is another painful reminder that his pride is more important than his party,” Duncan wrote.

“We can not afford (literally) another four years of failed leadership from Joe Biden!

“Please stand up to vote Republicans ’22 and ’24, our future depends on it.”

As for the decision in Georgia to throw its fans’ latest mood, in one separate statement Mr Trump called it a “shame” and added that he had “little doubt” that the ballots were “terrible”.

Why can’t the public see the ballot papers? Our country is going to hell and we do not get transparency even in our elections, Trump added.

The people of Georgia deserve to know the truth. So unfair to them and our country. The fight continues, we never give up!

“Our choices are so corrupt and no one wants to do anything about it!”

Georgia conducted several calculations to verify its 2020 results, including a calculation by hand. No evidence was revealed to support Trump’s claims, which were also thoroughly tested in court.

The former president is currently under criminal investigation in the state for his attempt to pressure election officials to overthrow Biden’s victory there.

Trump’s latest threat speculates that he may not run for president again in 2024 – something that some of his Republican colleagues would welcome.

Republican senators “with a few exceptions … definitely do not want to see Trump announce a bid before the mid-2022 election, for fear it could weaken their hopes of winning back the Senate,” according to The litter.

“I think we are better off when he is not part of any history,” said one Republican, who told the publication that his views are widely shared in the GOP conference.

“He is a clinical narcissist. He threw the election in the debate with Biden and he threw the Senate out of spite. ”

Another Republican senator, whose seat is up for re-election next year, said Trump’s resurgence as a candidate would be a “gift” to Democrats who want to make the interim over the former president, taking the heat from the Biden administration.

“As my colleagues see it, he is an asset in the primary election if he is with you and then it creates challenges in general elections,” he said.

“He’s different from any political person I’ve ever known.”

One recently Pew Research survey found that while two-thirds of Republicans in the United States want Trump to remain a “major political figure,” fewer than half want him to run for the Republican presidential election a third time.

“I think there are better options out there for the Republican Party,” University of Iowa senior and college college Republican Josh Luedtke told BBC.

“Yes, Donald Trump did many amazing things for our country. But he also made a great division of the people. ”

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