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Donnarumma ‘agreed’ PSG transfer, Man City pursue £150m Kane, Tottenham ‘contact with Conte’


trippier response

Atletico Madrid ace Kieran Trippier was linked with a move to Manchester United in January and reports suggest the Red Devils could rekindle their interest this summer.

However, Trippier insisted he was satisfied in Spain as he won LaLiga with Atletico.

The England international ahead of Euro 2020 said: “I am enjoying there a lot. I am completely focused on doing my best for my club. I am absolutely happy that I won the title there.

“People can’t focus as much on me because I’m there in Spain, the Premier League is the Premier League, but I’m enjoying myself, loving it, my family enjoying it, every day is sunny. So I just need to keep doing as good as I can for Atletico.

“I’m glad I did and now I’m part of England. I know Gareth watches the game with his staff, so for me it’s just about doing as well as I can with the national team.” To be selected for as long as possible at the highest level I can.

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