May 6, 2021


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Dozens gather at Israel religious festival | Israel

Dozens of people were killed in a stampede at a northern Jewish religious gathering Israel Tens of thousands of people have been involved in the worst peace in the country.

A spokesman for the rescue service said 28 people had been killed in a landslide on Mount Meron on Friday morning, Reuters reported. According to Magen David Adom’s ambulance service, 103 people were injured, including dozens. Channel 12 TV put the death toll at 38.

The accident took place during the 2nd century B.C. B. Memorial of the annual Lag B. Omer Memorial, a collection of tens of thousands of orthodox Jews at the tomb of the sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Galilee.

Overjoyed, health officials stormed Mount Meron in protest of Covi-19 warnings. According to witnesses, people were suffocated or trampled in the airway, and some remained unaccounted for until the PA system appealed.

“The MDA is fighting for the lives of dozens of wounded, and we will not give up until the last victim is released,” Magen David Adom tweeted.

The Jerusalem Post He said six helicopters were called in to evacuate the injured. The Israeli army said it had sent medical personnel and search and rescue teams by helicopter to help with the “disaster.”

Israeli media have published a series of images of corpses covered in plastic bags on social media. Ultra-Orthodox men showed police and paramedics wandering through cracked metal sheets to escape from the mattress as they tried to reach the injured.

In one video, several people were seen crossing the sidewalk, and some were seen falling and someone swinging for help. Another video shows his love for the fence.

“I saw dozens of people falling for each other, and a large number of people were lost,” said Jude Gottlieb, one of the first responders to Hatzala.

One witness told Haretz: “It happened in seconds; People trampled on each other and fell. It was an accident. ”

A man named Avi, who was present, told the newspaper: “When I heard the screams, I just sat down to eat. We hurried to help, and then we saw the corpses. It started around 10 and now there are many more. ”

“I thought I was going to die,” one Witness told Mariev. “I’ve seen people die next to me.”

Witnesses reported that people were abducted or trampled when an organizer called for a dispersal of loudspeakers.

Jewish worshipers sing and dance on a temporary bench at the Lag Bamer event on Mount Meron in northern Israel
Jewish worshipers sing and dance on a temporary bench at the Lag Bamer event on Mount Meron in northern Israel Photograph: Reuters

We thought maybe there was one [bomb] Alarm on a suspicious package. Nobody thought this could happen here. Happiness has become sorrow, great light has become deep darkness, ”a pilgrim named Isaac told Channel 12 television.

News websites reported earlier that a large auditorium had collapsed, but rescue services said all the injuries were caused by the massacre.

This event was one of the worst in the history of Israel.

In response to the crisis, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it “a serious disaster on Mount Meron.” We all pray for the victims. I ask to strengthen the life-saving forces operating in the area. ”

“I am deeply saddened by the news from Meron and pray for the healing of the wounded,” said Israeli President Raven Rivlin on Twitter.

Dove Miesel, vice president of operations for the United Hatszah Volunteer Emergency Management Agency, described the scene as “one of the worst in Israel.” People are “literally crushed,” He said in a video released on Twitter.

“They have seen very, very difficult views,” said volunteers. Linn Views that we have not seen here in Israel since the worst days of terrorism in the early 2000s. I have no words. I really don’t have words. ”

It was the first large-scale religious gathering of its kind since Israel lifted all restrictions on the cholera epidemic. Since the launch of one of the world’s most successful immunization campaigns late last year, the country has suffered a setback.

Israeli security forces and rescue workers search the bodies of dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews who were killed during a beating on Mount Meron in Mount Meron.
Israeli security forces and rescue workers search the bodies of several ultra-Orthodox Jews killed in the Lag Baomer massacre on Mount Meron Photograph: David Cohen / E.P.

Authorities authorized 10,000 people to gather at the cemetery, but coordinators rented more than 650 buses from across the country and brought 30,000 pilgrims to Meron.

About 5,000 policemen were deployed. The country’s largest public meeting in the wake of the cholera epidemic.

The area has since been closed and rescue workers and security forces are trying to clear the area.

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