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Dr Hillary warns Covid cases will rise but next peak will be ‘small wave, not tsunami’ in fight against new strains


DR Hillary warned today that Covid cases will rise, but the next peak will be a “small wave, not a tsunami” as the country grapples with new tensions.

He told Good Morning Britain that the UK was “likely to experience a smaller wave, not a tsunami like we saw in the first two”.


Dr Hilary told Good Morning Britain today that the UK will experience a “small wave”credit: ITV
Vaccine rollout in UK remains a huge success


Vaccine rollout in UK remains a huge successcredit: Mercury

Dr Hillary told the audience that the third wave would be “more controlled”, resulting in fewer hospitalizations and deaths due to a successful vaccination program.

He added: “The numbers are rising again and if restrictions are being eased now, that means people are gathering together on beaches, in parks, pubs and restaurants, of course we are going to see more cases.” are.

“And with only 75% of adults taking their first dose, that means about 15 million people have not been vaccinated at all.

“So we are going to see more cases.

It comes like this:

“The wave is likely to be more controlled; We are probably seeing fewer hospitalizations and deaths as a result.

“Due to vaccination and restrictions, although there is probably going to be a slight wave, nothing like the tsunami we saw in the last two waves.”

GMB host Ranveer Singh asked Dr Hilary if yesterday’s COVID zero death figure was a “false morning”, to which he replied: “Yes. It is not the beginning of the end.

“What we have is a reflection of the bank holiday with low numbers and we have a gap as well.

“We’re seeing more cases of a more transmissible version.”

It comes as Boris Johnson was urged to “move with it” and lift the lockdown on 21 June – amid warnings the UK could otherwise face economic ruin and a spiraling health crisis.

However, because of vaccinations and restrictions, there is probably going to be a slight wave, nothing like the tsunami we saw in the last two waves. “

Dr. Hillary on GMB

Tory Grand Sir Ian Duncan Smith has asked the prime minister to ignore Nicola Sturgeon and the “panicking scientists” and go ahead with ‘Independence Day’ as planned.

Top scientists urged Mr Johnson to push back on his plans to unlock Britain as the Indian mutation spreads in the country.

Whereas yesterday Sturgeon added further pressure by easing the lockdown in Scotland.

But Britain recorded zero deaths on Tuesday for the first time since the pandemic began, even as the number of people newly infected with the virus rose.

The news offers more hope that vaccines are breaking the link between infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

Meanwhile, every Brit over the age of 18 is set to be offered a COVID vaccine in a matter of weeks, amid fears that the Indian version is being circulated by teenagers before it is unlocked on June 21.

As it stands only adults age 30 and older have been invited to take their jabs as health leaders focus efforts to make sure older people have received both doses.

However now it seems that the officials plan to offer jobs for all age groups, as the new Indian tensions are spreading rapidly among the youth.

Dominic Harrison, Blackburn and Darwin’s director of public health, warned of an “extraordinarily high rate” among teens between the ages of 17 and 18.

He is now urging ministers to license the vaccine for youth to help protect communities across the UK.

Boris Johnson urged on June 21 to ‘move with it’ and lift lockdown or face economic ruin and growing health crisis

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