May 9, 2021


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Draft dolphins pick 2021: when do you pick Miami next? Full list of NFL Draft Picks

Before the NFL 2021 project, the Miami Dolphins were rolling and treading. Originally, they had two choices from the first round, # 3 and # 18, but they moved from # 3 with the San Francisco 49ers. Soon after trading to 12th at the 49ers, they jumped back to the top six after making a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

When the dust settled, the dolphins now have two picks in each of the first three rounds plus some future capital draft. With six of the first 102 picks, they will be able to continue adding depth to their already powerful roster, but Picking No. 6 should guarantee them a chance to have excellent talent.

So what will the dolphins do in this year’s draft? They will likely focus on building around Tua Tagovailoa. If they surround him with more guns and block some of the holes they made, they have a great chance of appearing as a contender in the supplement match as was the case last year.

Here’s a look at the dolphins’ picks 2021 NFL Project:

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Draft dolphins pick 2021: when to pick Miami?

  • Round 1, Pick # 6: Jaylen Waddle, W.R., Alabama
  • Round 1, Pick # 18: Gillan Phillips, Edge, Miami, Florida
  • Round Two, Pick # 36: Jevon Holland, S, Oregon
  • Round Two, Pick # 42: Liam Eichenberg, OT, Notre Dame
  • Third round, preview # 81: Hunter Long, TE, Boston College
  • Round 7, pick number 231
  • Round 7, pick number 258

Dolphins 2021 NFL is testing

Round Picking or picking
1 6 (from eagles)
1 18
2 4 (from Texas)
2 10 (of giants)
3 18
7 3 (from Texas)
7 31 (of heads)

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Miami Dolphins NFL project needs

  • A broad future: DeVante Parker and Will Fuller are a good Dolphins duo, but they have had some injury concerns over the years and Fuller is in only a one-year contract. Could one of Tua’s previous Alabama receivers, DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle, make sense of sixth?
  • Offensive line: The dolphins should be in a position to land one of the strongest attackers in the traction class. They drafted Austin Jackson and Robert Hunt and both played Tackle last year, but the extra depth was never a bad thing. The team also needs help from the center, so maybe the team can change their streak and have someone challenge Matt Skora at the start.
  • Edge Rush: Andrew Van Ginkel was a surprisingly influential player in the Dolphins, but after Shaq Lawson trades for Benardrick McKinney, they need to find Van Ginkel a long-term partner.
  • Run back: Miles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed looked good last year, and so did Malcolm Brown’s freehold. However, if Miami could add a higher finish in the draft, it would go a long way toward helping Tua out of the attack.
  • Full back: The dolphins added McKinney to the barn and kept Elandon Roberts, but they left the versatile Kyle Van Noye. They will need to find a replacement for him and continue to build depth on the full back.

Mock Dolphin Project 2021

Here are the latest 2021 NFL draft projections for dolphins, according to A mock draft of seven rounds for Fenny Air:

Round Picking or picking Team position College
1 6 Ja’Marr Chase WR LSU
1 18 Paye receipts edge Michigan
2 4 Nick Bolton OLB Missouri
2 18 Creed Humphrey C / g Oklahoma
3 18 Michael Carter RB North Carolina
5 12 Robert Hennessy extra time Our Lady
7 3 Pro Wells to TCU
7 31 Labrian Ray DT Alabama