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Dragons Matt Duty, Broncos Urged to Target Fullback, Billy Slater


Rugby league great Billy Slater has urged the Broncos to target Dragons fullback Matt Duty because the unwanted star was critical Brisbane’s 52-24 defeat at St George’s Illawarra Tonight.

Returning from a shoulder injury, Duffy finished the match with two tries, four line-break assists and five assists.

The 25-year-old fullback was told last month that his services would not be required at the Dragons next season., reports at the time suggest they were hopeful before Hurricane Utility Nico Hines landed Sharks signed a three-year deal earlier this week.

While the future of Duty is bleak, Slater, a three-time Daily M Fullback of the Year, said he has no doubt that Unwanted Dragon has a future in the game.

Slater jokingly revealed that he saw Broncos great and board member Darren Lockyer taking Duffy’s notes after the game, before urging Brisbane to consider making a play for the Fullback.

Slater told Nine, “He’s been told he’s not going to go to Dragons, which I think is quite strange because I thought you’d only take someone’s place if you had someone better.”

“One thing I do know is that Matt Duty has a future in the sport and there will be many clubs that will be looking around and seeing if Matt Duty fits in… I saw Darren Locker ask some communication questions. Ask and write things.

“I think he would fit in well in Brisbane. He’s got Adam Reynolds to go there, I think Albert Kelly is playing some good football and you see some of his quality is coming – TC Robati, he There is a player and Selwyn Kobo on the wing.

“He has some talent in there. If you like Duffy who is using football, he’s definitely going to be a great addition if he goes that way.”

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After the match Duffy was asked about the club’s decision to part ways with him, which he admitted was heartbroken.

“When I found out I had two weeks off and I was definitely upset,” Dufti told Nine after the match.

“(A) St. George Jr., I wanted to play for St. George and that’s all I ever wanted to do.

“It shook me and it was a little heartbreaking, but I put it aside and all I wanted to do was do well for the fans and our team.”

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