Drone manufacturer uses its expertise to transport passengers by air by 2024 | Canberra Times

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Remember the mournful cry of Millennials: “Where’s my jetpack?” Sorry Jim, but that didn’t quite happen. Instead, you have a cell phone with more tech and internal obsolescence than a Moon rocket. (For those who don’t get the joke, it’s about the wonderful new life-changing technology promised by the so-called Baby Boomer generation, but not realized). But wait a second: How about a Chinese-made electrically powered vertical take-off or landing (eVTOL) aircraft instead? In aviation terms, Chinese company Autoflight, from a company that cut its teeth in building large cargo logistics and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with more than 10,000 hours of flight time, has now moved on to developing its first passenger from these cargoes. eVTOL. The V1500M made its world premiere at the Chinese air show this week, and it’s no fancy flight. This time last year, the Chinese drone company, which has gained a serious reputation in the field of aviation, has developed the ultra-large payload intelligent fire extinguisher F240. READ MORE: The F240 is a high-capacity payload drone that uses artificial intelligence to find hotspots in fires and suppression “bombs” to extinguish them before they turn into raging fire fronts, which can be a useful addition to firefighting. efforts during last year’s Black Summer. The V1500M is the company’s first attempt at passenger-carrying VOTLs, with plans to achieve full flight certification by 2024. It is 10 meters long, 13 meters wide, and weighs only 1500 kg (most of the weight used in construction is in batteries). very light composites and carbon fiber) and eight lift engines to take off and land vertically like a drone. Its flight range when carrying four passengers is 250 km, because it has a “fixed wing” mode with two propellers for forward flight, which engages when at altitude. This increases flight efficiency and speed (up to 200km/h). And because it’s a VTOL, it can take off and land just about anywhere, like a helicopter (but much quieter). Redundant power systems mean the aircraft can hover safely if two of the eight rotors fail. The V1500M also has an all-air parachute designed to be deployed as a last resort safety feature. And best of all, the V1500M was developed from the ground up as an autonomous aircraft. You basically climb up and say where you want to go. This element of technology has a few years to go before it’s approved, so you’ll need a pilot in the meantime – or fly it yourself.


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