Dune: Denis Villeneuve says too many Marvel movies are ‘Cut And Paste’,

Director Denis Villeneuve is the latest director to be asked his thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Juggernaut and the answer is a bit complicated. While calling Marvel movies “cut and paste”, he also praised Chloe Zhao’s decision to hire Marvel’s Eternals “Genie” movement.

Talk to you soon Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Villeneuve was asked about the process of making artistic films over a large budget, which Villeneuve said is certainly feasible as in the case of Christopher Nolan and Alfonso CuarĂ³n.

This led to Martin Scorsese’s comments about Marvel movies, and how the director has been critical of Marvel films in the past. In a quote IGN independently translated, Villeneuve apparently agrees with Scorsese, saying, “Maybe the problem is that there are too many Marvel movies that are nothing more than a cut and paste of others. Maybe these kinds of movies have us in a bit. Zombies transformed.

Villeneuve also added, “Today there are a lot of great and expensive movies that have a lot of value. I do not feel able to be completely pessimistic.

While this would be another case of a respected director being critical of the MCU, Villeneuve is not entirely against the Marvel machine. In a separate directorial bar with Harpers Bazaar, Villeneuve was part of a panel with Academy Award winner Chloe Zhao currently directing The Eternals for Marvel.

There, Villeneuve praised Zhao’s attitude as a “genius,” and told Zhao, “I’m your biggest fan. I think it’s a genius that Marvel came to you because you are the radical opposite of it aesthetically. Villeneuve praised him. Zhao praised The Rider and as he wrote after watching, he wrote Zhao “an artistic love letter” for her ability to capture life on camera.

Villeneuve’s comments about cut-and-paste Marvel film have been criticized on social media, particularly by Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, who extended a tweet he made to defend his Marvel work when Scorsese initially made his comments.

“As a director, I do not like the work of other directors even if I do not like something they did. This work is hard enough for all of us, and no one ever plans to make a bad movie,” Derrickson wrote.

District 9 Director Neil Blomkamp had a few choice words of his own.

Villeneuve’s comments come in the wake of the international rollout Dunes, which is starting to appear in European theaters. Initial returns were very positive, as were reviews. IGN’s Dune Rating called it “beautiful to look at” while noting that it represents only the first part of Frank Herbert’s famous novel.

“This is a technically brilliant, visually stunning film with a top-notch cast and deep sci-fi concepts. Too bad it feels like a twist in the back half,” IGN reviewer Scott Collura wrote.

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With Dune drawing comparisons with MCU due to their appearance to a similar audience, Villeneuve seems keen to contrast the two. He has similar comments on French release premieres.
We can see for ourselves how Dune differs when it launches on October 22 in US theaters. exclusive breakdown of the box office scene with Villeneuve, in the finds the reference he wants to appear in the film.

Kat Bailey and Matt Kim are news editors at IGN.

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