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DUP leader Edwin Poots says ‘step-change’ needed to deliver Stormont law plans


New After the Leader Edwin Poots has said a “step-change” is needed to deliver the current legislative plans of the Stormont executive before the next election.

He said the Stormont Party Leaders’ Forum meeting on Thursday provides an opportunity to ensure a “smooth transition” of change to his working team.

He added that it “will also ensure that our focus is on matters most important to the people we represent”.

Mr. Poots Denied delay in reshuffle of ministerial post His narrow electoral victory and the ouster of predecessor Arlene Foster led to internal party divisions.

She plans to step down as First Minister at the end of June, but has said she will. resign immediately If Mr. Poots replaces the current ministerial team of the DUP.

It will begin a seven-day countdown for the DUP and government allies Sinn Féin to re-nominate first and deputy first minister to their respective positions.

If either one refuses to re-nominate, it could lead to Stormont’s downfall and a snap election.

It has been speculated that Sinn Féin may use the process to seek assurances from Mr Poots on Irish-language commitments in the ‘New Decade, New Approach’ deal that restored power-sharing last year.

Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill has said there should be no more “false dawns” on Irish language legislation and that it should be delivered in the current assembly term.

In a statement in front of the party leaders’ podium, Mr Poots did not mention Irish language law.

However, he said the meeting provided an opportunity to reaffirm commitments in a ‘new decade, new approach’ to work on the basis of ‘good faith, trust and mutual respect’.

“With an executive consisting of five parties, it is important that there is dialogue and a common objective to work together in the interest of all,” he said.

“This meeting can provide a useful opportunity to ensure that there is a smooth transition to change within the executive team and also to ensure that our focus is on matters most important to the people we represent. Huh.”

Mr Poots said healthcare and the economy should be the main priorities of a power-sharing government.

“In the last 15 months, the executive has put life and livelihood at the top of its priorities,” he said.

“As the threat from COVID-19 subsides, we should not shy away from those dual priorities.”

Mr Poots said: “Too much time was lost at the beginning of this assembly term when no decision could be taken.

“In the time that remains, there must be a step-change in providing good governance for all people of Northern Ireland and through the ambitious legislative program already outlined.

“Whether on issues like climate change, licensing laws or protection from being pursued, these are all key areas that can provide real benefits for our citizens.”

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